orange tabby cat fat cat food bowl

This clever cat finds the perfect way to manipulate its owner to get what it wants

Cats are masters of finding different ways to communicate, including purring, meowing, and blinking. However, this clever cat has upped the ante with a new tactic. Demanding clever cat Meet Zoey, the crafty diva cat with an appetite and an attitude to match. In a viral Tik Tok post posted on August 19th, the orange … Read more

Pet onwer conducts viral investigation to find who ate his chicken

Owner’s roast chicken goes missing after being eaten by pets; Tiktok wants answers on viral “whodunit.”

A pet owner found out how his cat and the dog stole his roast chicken while he was distracted. The bemused cat owner shared a hysterical video of himself trying to get a confession from the culprits on his Tiktok page. Don’t ever leave your rotisserie chicken unattended. That’s the valuable lesson a pet owner … Read more

Cat mom encourages her kitten to tackle staircase

In a tender video, a cat encourages her hesitant kitten to walk down a staircase

Being a parent does not imply doing everything for one’s children; rather, it entails standing by them while they face and overcome the problems that are unique to them as individuals. A mother cat has proved that she certainly understands this concept, as evidenced by a video where she excitedly encourages her kittens to climb … Read more

Scottish fold hugs puppy in sweet video

This video of a Scottish fold kitten cradling a drowsy puppy will make your day

It wouldn’t be the internet if a day passed without a moggy doing something adorable and completely endearing. This time, it’s the interaction between a grey cat and a ginger puppy that has enchanted netizens. A pet owner uploaded a video of the kitten rocking the tiny puppy to sleep on Twitter. Cute beyond words! … Read more

Kitten's confusion with sparkling water delights Tiktok

Kitten captivated by bottle of sparkling water charms Tiktok

More than two million people worldwide have been captivated by a Tiktok clip that shows a cat finding a novelty:  a bottle of sparkling water. The cat’s fascination with the bottle had viewers amused. The video has gained widespread attention and made many people laugh out loud. Laurie Baltazar is the proud owner of a … Read more

Cat crying while owner cuts onion goes viral

Cat’s teary reaction to owner cutting onions has Tiktok in stitches

Onions slicing and eyeballs don’t make a good pairing. These two have a conflictual relationship as one always makes the other cry without even trying. Most humans are aware of the inconvenience of handling onions but a cat just made the unsettling experience. The cat’s owner posted on Tiktok a video depicting the kitten’s reaction. … Read more

Cat meets baby in cute video

Video of the first encounter between a cat and a crying baby charms the internet

Cats and babies are certified internet kryptonite. Hence, their appearance together in a video is a recipe for success. Indeed, an Instagram video showing a housecat’s first encounter with a newborn baby has won over Instagram. Posted on September 20th, the video earned 130 000 views in four hours. The arrival of a newcomer in a … Read more