Cat meets baby in cute video

Video of the first encounter between a cat and a crying baby charms the internet

Cats and babies are certified internet kryptonite. Hence, their appearance together in a video is a recipe for success. Indeed, an Instagram video showing a housecat’s first encounter with a newborn baby has won over Instagram. Posted on September 20th, the video earned 130 000 views in four hours. The arrival of a newcomer in a … Read more

Screenshot from side by side videos of cat playing piano and man singing along

This musician creates catchy songs using viral cat videos

The Kiffness is a musician from South Africa who creates remixes and collaborations with other musicians. He can make music with people and animals from all over the world even though they are far away, because he uses social media to connect and collaborate with them. His followers love his creative and catchy songs, especially … Read more

Gray tabby cat in front of rug

Musician’s cat goes viral for stealing his guitar picks

Alessandro Pulisci, also known as dysalexic, is a guitarist who regularly posts content on his social media. As a guitarist, he has an impressive number of guitar picks, and his cat likes to collect them as well. In the viral video, Pulisci lifts a rug to show several guitar picks underneath. The camera pans to … Read more

kitten and monkey friends are inseparable

A pet monkey develops a close relationship with an orphaned stray kitten

A macaque known as Lilly helped save the life of a helpless kitten in Thailand. The monkey took the feline in, raising it as her own from the get-go. Seven-year-old Lilly had been living with owner Ball Wuttichai in Surat Thani, Thailand, for over a year when she met a lone kitty.  Initially, a then … Read more

Meet Diva cat who sings operas

Diva cat steals the show from opera singer owner

A kitten’s musical abilities are sending Tiktok into a frenzy. A video of the diva cat vocalizing to an opera tune with his owner left viewers thrilled by the impromptu performance. After Cathoven, cat singer Maximino is taking over social media. It all started when cat owner decided to do a little singing practice. … Read more