This sweet kitten was injured by a dog – but she got the special care she needed

Belle was attacked by a dog as an eight week old kitten.

Thankfully, an onlooker was able to break them apart before any lethal damage was done, but Belle had sustained injuries to her face, and she nearly lost an eye.

She was taken to a nearby shelter where staff immediately started reaching out for someone to foster her.

She is a playful and sweet kitten, and clearly needed more care and attention than could be given to her in a cage.

After four days of waiting for someone to take her and no response, Nadija Falbo, an experienced foster mom, saw her picture and scooped her up.

Safe hands

Nadija Falbo is the owner of Tiny Paws Fosters, a foster home in Florida, USA, that helps save the lives of cats and kittens and adopts them out to their forever homes.

She takes in these vulnerable felines using her own finances and resources, Tiny Paws Fosters is run out of her own home.

“Fostering is a passion of mine that brings me great joy! Not only am I saving lives by opening my heart and home to vulnerable, homeless animals, but they are teaching me every day how to be more kind, patient and understanding.”

Nadija Falbo

Fortunately, Belle’s eyes were left unharmed by the injuries she sustained from the dog attack.

But she still had a nasty wound that needed suturing.

Calico tabby kitten with an open wound to the right of her face, just missing her eye.
Despite her bad injury, Belle remained sweet and playful. Pic credit: @tiny.paws.fosters/Instagram.

Falbo took her to the vet the day after she took her home and got her sutured, spayed, and micro-chipped in the one go.

Belle had to wear a cone afterwards so she wouldn’t accidently remove the sutures, but she didn’t let that slow her down!

Getting ready to go

Belle’s injury healed beautifully with the sutures.

She was left with some scarring, but that just made her look even more beautiful!

Calico tabby kitten sitting on a bed looking up to the camera. She has a scar right beside her right eye
Such a sweet little girl. Pic credit: @tiny.paws.fosters/Instagram.

Falbo began looking for someone to adopt Belle as soon as she was able.

This sweet little kitten deserves the best home.

Her adoption has been temporarily put on hold as Belle developed an abscess on her chest just as she was ready to leave Falbo’s care.

The abscess most likely was caused by the dog attack but took longer to develop.

Falbo has been keeping her a little longer to make sure she is in perfect health before she sees her off into her new home.

Calico tabby kitten playing in an orange cat tunnel.
Whoever adopts Belle is going to be one lucky person! Pic credit: @tiny.paws.fosters/Instagram.

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