Three cats became obsessed with a Vitamix box, the response from Vitamix may surprise you

Vitamix is a household name. This company provides top-of-the-line blenders for commercial and home use guaranteed to last.

So, when cat parents Jessica and Nikii ordered a Vitamix, they quickly discovered they got more than they bargained for.

As soon as the couple received their Vitamix blender and removed it from the box, the level of fascination their trio of cats had with the packaging was unlike anything they’d seen before.

The trio of cats is described as the household guards and inspectors of everything that comes into the house.

The guardians

This little cat family includes three kitties.

First, there’s Max a handsome tuxedo cat. He was found as a baby kitten at six weeks old on an interstate overpass.

He’s quite the playful fellow and so talented as he taught himself how to play fetch.

The second is Lando. The couple adopted him as a shorthaired black kitten, and he grew into his own as a full-on ball of fluff.

Lastly, there’s George the ginger tabby cat. His new owners welcomed him into their home when the prior family was looking to rehome a cat that they could no longer take care of.

Three cats sparing on and near Vitamix boxes.
Lando (bottom) and George (top) sparring over Vitamix box territory as Max (right) looks on. Pic credit: @kreweofjess/Instagram

Cats’ obsession

The tuxedo cat Max instantly gravitated toward the Vitamix box. Assuming he’d get tired and leave it alone, owners Nikii and Jessica did not give it a second thought.

Until the following day, Lando began to partake in the Vitamix box obsession too. Every day the cats became more and more obsessed.

Friends and followers suggested they just get more boxes to satisfy the cats’ obsession. One of the owners wrote an open letter to Vitamix and the company happily sent over more boxes.

The cats had power struggles over these decoy boxes, the decoys played the part well until the cats’ interest waned.

Clearly, the decoy boxes did not have the same impact as the original.

A shocking surprise

Then, on a random Friday afternoon, the trio’s mom received an email from Vitamix’s marketing team, the company was sending the owners a brand-new cat tree!

The cats loved it. The trio takes turns on the cat tree and behaves so affectionately pairing off and cuddling up together.

This surprise gift has brought out the best in them as they are all so loving.

Final thoughts

A random mail order turned into one family’s tale of an extraordinary act of kindness. Through this experience, these cat parents have experienced an act of generosity that goes above and beyond.  

A Tuxedo and a black cat sleeping on cat tree house
Max (front) and Lando (back) sleep comfortably on their new cat tree house gift from Vitamix. Pic credit: @TheDodo/YouTube

You can follow this adorable trio of cats on their Instagram Page. And if you happen to need a quality blender, check out the Vitamix website.

Cat trees are not included.

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