Man rescues tiny black kitten on his lunch break

In a recent heartwarming YouTube video, a man named Justin shared that he was on his lunch break in Long Beach, California, when he got more than he bargained for while taking time out: a little black kitten.

Don’t let a black cat cross your path, You’ll have bad luck.

Unfortunately, this is a common myth and stereotype black cats encounter. From superstitions to assumptions of aggression, many black cats have an uphill battle finding a loving home.

Pets have a way of finding their way into the hearts of people in the most unique way, this story is no different.

A black kitten appears

While on his break time, Justin saw a black kitten meowing loudly nearby.

He coaxed the kitten to come to him and the sweet kitten delighted in the attention, after several minutes the friendly kitty jumped on his lap.

Seeing a glimpse of this kitten’s warm personality and heart, Justin could not leave the cat in the street, so he decided to take him in.

Grizzly finds a home

He named the sassy black cat Grizzly and the little kitty learned to adapt perfectly to Justin’s wood workshop. Justin began taking the cat to work with him every day and Grizzly has now grown up to be a big cat and a part of the team.

When Justin saved the young black kitten months ago he never thought this same cat would be the one to rescue him right back. They undoubtedly became the perfect addition to each other’s lives.

You can follow Grizzly and his adventures with his father in the workshop on his Instagram page.

Lesson learned

Black cats have a challenging time finding homes due to social stigmas, perceptions, and myths about their coat color.

Pets can enter our lives in unique ways, some find their way into the lives of people through fostering or adopting.

In this case, fate intervened and allowed a good-hearted man to rescue a tiny black kitten on his lunch break, the rest is history.

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