Woman brings home deaf senior after asking for shelter cat who’s been there the longest

Bridgid Staub wanted to adopt a cat. But not just any cat. One she knew would benefit the most from being adopted. That’s how she came home with Cali, a toothless deaf senior cat and all-around “lovebug.”

Staub had been feeling incomplete in life and was looking for a change. She decided to check out the local San Antonio, Texas animal shelter to see if she felt a spark when meeting their cats.

She asked the staff which cat had been there the longest and was introduced to Cali. Cali came to the shelter as a stray and was believed to be a senior cat because of all her missing teeth.

Meeting Cali

She’s also deaf. But none of that mattered to Staub. All Staub saw was a big green-eyed calico cuddle bug.

Staub knew that Cali was the cat for her after she loudly meowed when let out of her cage. It put a big grin on Staub’s face. And it had been a very long time since someone made her smile like that.

Cali was also very intelligent. She walked on over to a sink and meowed until Staub turned it on so she could get a drink. After she got her fill, she nuzzled into Staub for some pets.

That was the moment when Staub fell completely in love and knew that Cali would be her new best friend. Staub was able to take Cali home a few days later.

“She didn’t sleep at all the first night. She was so hyper-vigilant and anxious about her new surroundings,” Staub told Love Meow. “The next morning it was as if a light had been switched on. She curled up on my lap while I was on the couch and fell asleep.”

Sleepful nights

Cali never had problems sleeping after that. She even made a spot for herself in bed right next to her mom. Staub said that her deaf senior cat couldn’t be more filled with love. All she wants to do is cuddle up with her mom!

“She brings so much joy into my life and I am so thankful that I decided to adopt,” Staub said. “This is so cliche, but so very true for me… I may have saved her life by adopting her, but she has very much saved my life as well!”

Staub posted a photo of her new kitty on Reddit where it went viral and was upvoted more than 94,000 times. It started a chain reaction of people who praised their senior cats and all the wonderful benefits of adopting older felines.

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