30 cats and kittens got rescued from an Iowa home in deplorable conditions

In June 2022, a Facebook post by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa revealed thirty cats and kittens were rescued from horrendous conditions. The team members of the rescue league spent several hours removing the precious cats from a feces and urine-filled home in Pocahontas County, Iowa.

Call for help

The organization had received a request for assistance from local law enforcement. The adult cats and young kittens had been behind by their owner.

The rescue effort took place two hours from the main shelter. The conditions they were living in were deplorable.

The felines survived in a hot, filthy house without food or clean water. When the Animal Rescue League (ARL) team arrived on the property, the scent of urine greeted the team members before reaching the door.

The home had no electricity and very little natural light. Temperatures in the area reached into the upper 80s and 90s.

The cats suffered in horrible conditions trying to survive in the house. The site was shocking.

feces trash litter pans dirty floors
The ARL team encountered shocking feces and urine-filled conditions at the site of the rescue. Pic Credit:@Animal Rescue League of Iowa/Facebook

Feces, urine, and trash covered the house’s floors, countertops, and stairs. In some areas, feces covered the floor an inch thick.

The team members got to work immediately.

Cat rescue

Fortunately, the Animal Rescue League came in time. The cats and kittens rescued were in dire need of help.

The cats had no idea their lives would change forever. After collecting the cats, the team made the journey back to the primary location to receive emergency care.

black cat veterinary care
One of the rescued cats received medical attention. Pic Credit:@Animal Rescue League of Iowa/Facebook

Many of the cats and kittens rescued were underweight and had ear mites, infections, and fleas. If the rescue league did not arrive when they did, the cats would not have survived much longer in that heat.

Since the initial rescue, an update posted on ARL’s Facebook page on July 1st. The person responsible got arrested and charged with 34 counts of animal neglect.

Final Thoughts

Thirty cats and kittens received the gift of a second chance at life when the Animal Rescue League of Iowa arrived to save the day. Sparing these cats from having to live in deplorable conditions is a testament to how animal rescues continue to impact the lives of pets.

These cats can begin a new chapter in their lives where they are safe, fed, and protected in sanitary conditions. The future looks a bit brighter now as they start their quest to find their forever homes.

white cat held by vet
One of 30 rescued cats needing medical attention and care. Pic Credit:@Animal Rescue League of Iowa/Facebook

You can learn more about the Animal Rescue League of Iowa by following them on Facebook or visiting their website.

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