Sphynx cat falls in love with Halloween decoration that kind of looks just like him

Roswell doesn’t discriminate when it comes to making friends. That’s how he ended up becoming besties with a Halloween decoration that almost looks like him.

Roswell’s mom Lindsey Kuzmin was out shopping one day and spotted the perfect Halloween decoration for her home. Kuzmin loves to decorate, and Halloween is her favorite holiday.

The skeleton cat kind of reminded her cats Roswell, a hairless Sphynx cat, and Leela, a half-haired Donskoy cat. They are basically skin and bones. The decoration had the bone, minus the skin.

The skeleton cat

She figured that she’d pay homage to her kitties and bought the skeleton cat and brought it home to show her cats.

She thought it would be funny to see how they would react. She was completely unprepared for what happened next.

She didn’t expect Roswell to fall in love. Leela, however, didn’t care for skeleton cat at all.

“He immediately ran right up to it and started sniffing Kuzmin told The Dodo. “Within a few minutes, he was licking it like he was trying to groom it and kept brushing up against it. I wasn’t expecting him to be quite so friendly with the skeleton cat right away, but he absolutely loves it.”

Now Roswell and his plastic kitty are best friends. Roswell spends most of his day with his new buddy.

“He’ll walk by it and brush up against it like he’s saying hi, and will sometimes give it kisses too,” Kuzmin said.

When they aren’t hanging around mommy’s office for most of the day, they like to go for rides together in the stroller.

What makes this scenario so hilarious is that Roswell’s sister Leela, a half-hairless cat, was nowhere near as interested in the skeleton cat as Roswell was.


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But after time, he helped her see how cool the skeleton cat is, and now they all hang out together. They even have their own “podcast.” Still, Roswell and skeleton cat have the closest bond.

Kuzmin has already come to grips with the fact that the skeleton cat is basically a new pet in her household. But one that doesn’t require food or a litter box.

“The skeleton cat is like family now, so I’ll be keeping it around all year,” Kuzmin said.

A video of Roswell and his best bud ended up going viral on TikTok with more than 1.8 million views. You can follow Roswell’s adventures with skeleton cat on TikTok @roswellandleela.

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