Woman rescues box of five kittens left on the side of the road in brutal heat

TikTok user Lindz_7777 didn’t hesitate to help five kittens that were abandoned in a box on a hot day. Lindz learned about these desperate kittens after getting a call from a family member.

The family member said they found a box filled with kittens that was left on the side of the road.

Lindz was shocked that someone would leave the five kittens “to die in record-breaking heat.” Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Freed from the box

Though the box they were in had a hole cut into the top of it, it was 95 degrees out. And that box was pretty cramped with all five cats in it.

Lindz looked around to see if their mother was anywhere in sight. But a momma cat couldn’t be found.

The poor kitties were thirsty, starving, dirty, and quite stinky. But they were in good health. Lindz posted a video about her finding the cats on TikTok.

“We got them cooled off and made sure they were hydrated before giving them food. They were very thirsty. There are four boys and one girl. Anyone have any name suggestions,” Lindz wrote on TikTok. “All local shelters are full so we will be taking care of them until we can find them homes.”

This wasn’t the first time Lindz had fostered kittens. So, she knew exactly what kind of special care they were going to need. Lindz says the cats are doing a lot better since finding them in the scorching heat on the side of the road.


Replying to @sherriramirez5226 The voids are doing great. They are so dark my camera won’t focus on them. 😄 #catsoftiktok #cat #rescuecat #funnykitten #funnyvideos #rescueanimals #donation #rescue

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“[They] are all doing well. We had to give them baths to get rid of their fleas. They were also very smelly from being in that dirty box,” she shared in a follow-up video.

Her video shows a tiny black kitty with giant ears being washed in a sink and towel dried before we see each kitten wrapped up in its own blanket like a taco and lying next to one another.

Lindz called them clean “purritos.” Lindz plans to reveal the kittens’ names in an upcoming video. She also refers to them as “voids” due to their black color.

“The voids are doing great. They are so dark my camera won’t focus on them,” Lindz said.

Once the kitties are well enough they will be put up for adoption and given forever homes. You can get updates on these pretty black kitties on Instagram @lindz_7777.

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