36-pound cat finds a mom who ‘knew she’d be able to help him’ after her own weight struggles

Have you ever had your heart broken? Or have you attempted to lose those last few pounds on your own with no success? You’re not the only one.

Dealing with heartbreak is hard. And navigating the waters of losing weight is even more challenging.

Now imagine handling both at the same time! This is the story of a sweet-faced hefty cat named King Augustus.

Saving grace

The SPCA of Wake County, North Carolina rescued a 36-pound long-haired ginger cat named Bazooka Joe, who would later be called King Augustus.

This abandoned cat had suffered the death of his previous owner and, left heartbroken and overweight, King Augustus’ future looked grim. How did he get so big?

When we hear of animals lacking food or resources, feral cats or shelter animals come to mind. However, the opposite is true in this case of cat adoption.

Due to his previous owner’s Alzheimer’s condition, King Augustus was constantly being overfed by his owner. Hence, he gained a lot of extra pounds.

Cat adoption for a king

Word spread about King Augustus through a Facebook post by the SPCA of Wake County in January 2020.

There, his new owner and mom, Robin, found King Augustus, formerly known as Bazooka Joe. She felt an instant connection by seeing his handsome face and relating to his struggle with weight.

Inspired by her own weight loss journey and success in reversing her diabetes five years previously, Robin knew she wanted to help King Augustus do the same in her heart.

She told The Dodo, “His photo on Facebook spoke to me. I had weight issues of my own, and knew that I’d be able to help him.”

Bringing him home, he instantly acclimated to his new surroundings, including a new puppy sibling. To help him lose weight, she adjusted his lifestyle to include smaller food portions, plenty of toys, and activities to keep him active, stimulated, and healthy.

Her future aspirational goal for King Augustus is to complete a future marathon together. In the meantime, King is on his own weight loss journey marathon, losing a little along the way month to month.

You can follow his journey to a healthy weight on his Facebook page.

Final thoughts

Life throws us unexpected trials and challenges. We can find joy again from heartbreak, just like King Augustus. Rescued by a human angel, he now has a new chapter in life and a soulmate to help him find a new healthy way of living where every day is a new adventure.

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