Cat adopted by police starts behaving ‘just like an officer’

At Port Lavaca police station in Texas, there’s a cat who feels right at home. He goes by the name of Captain. And he is in charge of keeping everybody in check.

Not your typical police rookie

Captain is a five-year-old ginger-and-white cat who joined the ranks of the Port Lavaca police department in 2017.

The idea to adopt an office came from chief Colin Rangnow. Having grown up surrounded by horses and cats, the policeman wanted to bring this hometown feeling into his department.

After much debate, the department went to a local shelter, the Calhoun County Humane Society. Once there, officer Rangnow fell under the spell of a ginger kitten, who kept staring at him.  

Rangnow felt like this particular kitten had a strong personality and a bit of attitude. He took the kitty back to the police station. It didn’t take long for the puss to settle in his new quarters.

Captain, the police officer with cattitude

Captain isn’t just an officer by name, he behaves like one too. The cat takes his role as police resident cat seriously.

According to his co-workers, Captain conducts daily inspections of the office. From the cabinets and the inbox to the desks, no place is out of reach for the second-in-command.

Chief of Police Colin told The Dodo, “He definitely acts like a supervisor. Definitely checks in on the officers quite often and makes sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

Captain also understands his role as a PR maven. He stays camera ready and diligently strikes a pose for photos.

Apart from his previous duties, Captain has another significant role. The feline’s presence has tremendously improved the general atmosphere of the office.

Police officers have demanding jobs. Hence, they are often subjected to a high level of stress. According to his workmates, Captain has a calming effect on everyone.

As a matter of fact, the police cat helps break the ice and lighten the mood during interviews. On top of that, he provides a welcome distraction for children when they come to the station.

A famous feline

Officially Captain belongs to chief Colin Rangnow, but the cat has become the department’s unofficial mascot. The ginger even gets custom-made uniforms.

When it comes to daily upkeep, Colin and administrative assistant Karen Neal are Captain’s designated caretakers. Rangnow handles food and litter while Neal deals with toys and the veterinary schedule.

Today, Captain is a public figure in the small town of Port Lavaca. Consequently, the police department allows the public to visit him. However, the visitors must make sure to call ahead. After all, he is a local authority.

Like any self-respecting celebrity, Captain owns an official Instagram account. Follow him to get a glimpse of his busy life.

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