black cat on desk

This courageous cat survived a harrowing ordeal and finally received a happy ending

In August this year, Best Friends Animal Society shared a remarkable story of Pepper, the one-eye courageous cat who overcame adversity and found her forever home in the process. Courageous cat A little black cat named Pepper arrived at a municipal shelter in Utah with a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a cataract in her … Read more

gray cat with bowtie

A woman helps a feral cat, and its remarkable transformation delights social media

An Instagram post published in May captivated the attention of viewers when a young woman shared her journey assisting a feral cat outside. With patience, love, and kindness, the cat blossomed into a loveable puss who now calls her place home. Meet Pumpkin, the feral cat. In October 2020, a woman found a feral cat … Read more

Two lebanese kittens are searching for a home in France

A charity is helping two rescue kittens from Lebanon find an owner in France

Two adorable kitties rescued by an animal rights association in Lebanon are now looking for a lifelong home in which they will be cherished. Cookie and Tom are a cute pair who desire this more than anything in the world. The story of Cookie and Tom begins in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon’s bustling capital. … Read more

feral ginger cat

This feral cat transformed after encountering one special woman with a loving touch

In a heartwarming post on YouTube, a woman named Amber shares her journey of how tending to the needs of a timid feral cat changed her life. Feral cats Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. There is a difference between feral cats and stray or indoor cats. According to, the most significant … Read more

Abandoned fluffy Persian cat

Man and daughter adopted cat when it was left behind by its owners

This cat was left behind by its owners when they moved out. Good thing their neighbor stepped forward and rescued the cat, giving her a loving home. Absent neighbors The man who adopted the cat posted the story on Reddit, saying: “My neighbors left town permanently and forgot their cat….I guess I own a cat … Read more

Rescue kitten helps lone baby possum

Rescue kitten returns home with a baby possum on her back

It’s’ common knowledge that kittens love to bring back objects gathered during their expeditions. But a house cat returned home with another animal on her back. Having been rescued by her mistress, Blanquis wanted to extend generosity to someone else. Ms. Yessica Rodriguez resides in Altamira, Mexico. While walking along the road, she spotted a … Read more

Blind cat is welcomed in a school

A blind cat rejected finds a forever home in an Italian school

Ray, a black and white blind kitten, was left abandoned in Noci, Italy. Yet, in a school in  Castellana Grotte, Ray found a home. The kitten has been through a lot of ups and downs. Here’s the feline’s touching story The two men from Noci discovered the kitten. Although blind, the puss didn’t look feral … Read more

Apartment is full of 28 cats after owners forget to strerilize their pets

SOS: French couple ends up with 28 cats after foregoing sterilization

Cats, both male and female, should be spayed or neutered.  This is a practice that veterinarians and animal rights organizations have strongly promoted these past years.  It is a well-known fact that female cats are capable of giving birth to litters containing as many as six kittens twice a year. A couple only realized their … Read more