47 cats rescued in soaring heat from overheating car where they lived with owner

As temperatures soared this week, rescuers saved 47 cats from an overheating car parked outside in the sweltering heat.

Police found the vehicle stationed at a highway rest stop on Interstate 35 near Harris, around 50 miles north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

With the scorching heat, the animals appeared to be suffering and were rescued by workers from the Animal Humane Society (AHS).

Their owner was also inside the vehicle, with investigator Ashley Pudas of the AHS giving additional details on the situation.

According to ABC News, she said that the man had recently become homeless and didn’t want to abandon his pets. Consequently, he took them in his vehicle, where they had all started living.

Temperatures in Minnesota had soared so much that authorities issued a heat warning at the beginning of the week.

The man had reportedly previously given up 14 other cats who had also been also living in the vehicle with him. Combined with the remaining pusses, at one point a total of 61 cats had been living inside in the car.

A welcomed rescue

 The Animal Humane Society intervened at the behest of the Minnesota State Patrol and the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office.

The organization’s local teams arrived on the scene and recovered the cats. The ages of the cats were estimated to range from less than a year to 12 years old.

Once the cats were safe, their owner was also offered assistance from paramedics at the scene.

Despite the conditions the cats did not appear to have any serious medical issues, although most were dehydrated. They were left under the care of the Animal Humane Society veterinary and animal behavior staff for a thorough examination.

Officials stated the cats would become eligible for adoption once they were back to full health.

In this hot season, animal rights associations and local authorities urge owners to take extra care of their pets. And remember, air conditioning, open windows, and even a water bowl are not enough to leave your pet in your parked car — even for what seems like a short time.


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