Affectionate and jovial kitten wins over grumpy older cat with patience and love

Pets have a lot to teach us about life. Now Hopper and Callie, two famous cats on TikTok, have given us a beautiful lesson on friendship — a story of claws and purrs!

Many great relationships are born out of dislike. To help them blossom requires much tolerance and some determination.

Hopper and Callie can vouch for this.

In the beginning Hopper, a male with a tabby coat known for his grumpy demeanor, could not bear the company of affectionate and jovial newcomer Callie, which led to a lot of tension.

The calico kitten’s play sessions regularly fell through due to her bigger brother’s poor attitude and yowling, which intimidated her.

As a consequence, young Callie struggled to adjust to her new surroundings. Suffice to say, things got off to a rocky start.


Watch to the end with the sound on! Introducing my cat to my new kitten. #newkitten #kittensoftiktok

♬ original sound – Hopper

The cats got closer

Despite a rough start, Callie had no intention of giving up on her roomie — and had a plan. She wasn’t going to let Hopper’s attitude spoil things for her.

Patient and keen to be accepted by Grouchy Hopper, the pretty kitty with the velvet paws took the time to get acquainted with her frenemy. From afar, Callie would watch him during his meals and rest hours.

During his fits, she would remain impenetrable. Cool as a cucumber.

As the days went by, the tension slowly waned. Hopper mellowed out. He even grew fond of his adorable housemate.

Finally, it was the start of a new friendship. Their owner witnessed the pets taking side-by-side naps, and having grooming sessions together.

Callie and Hopper are now two peas in a pod. Callie routinely invades her housemate’s personal space without provoking his ire. The sweet cat has managed to completely win over her older buddy.

Best friends forever

On their popular TikTok channel, followers can watch both felines curl up under the bed to spend a sweet night together. The cats’ owner regularly posts new videos and reels.

In those clips, you can see Hopper and his sidekick Callie having the time of their life and enjoying precious moments together.

This cute little story makes you reflect on life. Indeed, the first impression doesn’t necessarily tell the whole truth. Likewise, building a solid relationship is a process.

Like Callie and Hopper, you have to let time play its part. Callie and Hopper’s adventure is the proof!

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