A cat owner’s worst nightmare happened when their indoor cat escaped the home outside and goes viral

In a viral TikTok video clip by Dutchkittycat, door cam footage shows a man tending to chores outside the home. While doing so, his beautiful indoor cat escaped outside without his knowledge.

Worst nightmare

When the man re-entered his home, he shut the door behind him, unknowingly leaving his cat, Silver, outside to fend for itself. At first, the door cam video showed the cat attempting to get back into the house unsuccessfully.

He scurried about the entryway with no luck. Then Silver wandered about the driveway, enticed by the sights and sounds outside.

Out of curiosity, the cat narrowly avoided a moving vehicle when venturing toward the end of the driveway. The cat scurried under a parked vehicle in the driveway to safety.

The video clip ended after thirty-seven seconds; however, the owner posted an update on Tik Tok on how he retrieved Silver.

The cat attempted again to get back into the house for two hours. After no luck, he scurried away.

Recovery efforts

The owner and his family tried to entice the cat back home, leaving food and litter in front of the house. Between posting on social media, calling animal rescue, and talking with neighbors, they left no stone unturned.

The owner noted his efforts taken to retrieve the family cat. After seven hours, the family received a call about Silver.

A neighbor found him a couple of houses down the road. Fortunately, this furry family member returned home unscathed.

Although dirty and tired from the elements, the family was delighted to have Silver back. The initial video post has received over four million views on Tik Tok and mixed reactions from viewers.


Replying to @Cat Lady | Mauren Sparrow After 7 long hours we could bring him home again 🥰 #dutchkittycat #lostcat #indoorcatoutside @Dutchkittycat

♬ Night Trouble – Petit Biscuit

“Yup, my kitty did that too once and when she came back” – Suze

“We accidentally left the garage open and noticed like 30 min later our car was gone, she was just sitting in the garage playing with a bug” -ahs0kalore1320

“I’ve been there. For real. My indoor cat was just like this the first time it escaped.” -Gustav Philipson

Lost pets statistics

In a 2012 study by the ASPCA ( The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) regarding lost pets, it found that fifteen percent of cat and dog owners had lost their pets in the past five years. With an overall recovery rate of eighty-five percent, cat owners had a slightly lower success rate at seventy-four percent.

The same study found fifty-nine percent of felines were found due to the cats returning home on their own. In contrast, their owner recovered thirty percent of cats when searching the neighborhood.

Final thoughts

A typical day of tending to house duties became a nightmare for one cat owner when his indoor cat escaped outside. Fortunately, this experience resolved with a happy ending for the kitty and owner alike.

Did this story resonate with you? Has your indoor cat escaped outside before?

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