Cat trapped in wall freed by good samaritan… with a chisel

A curious cat ended up getting trapped in a wall — and had to be freed by a man using a chisel.

The foolhardy feline got into trouble when he misjudged and attempted to wedge himself in a gap behind a wall that proved too small for his body

The heartwarming rescue was captured on video, with the footage showing the good samaritan working to free the cat from the narrow opening.

In the clip, the man uses his tool to gently and meticulously chip away at the wall. This situation is quite tricky as there are multiple factors to consider.

He is careful not to injure the cat but, at the same time, has to make observations as to how he can further widen the gap behind the wall while causing minimal damage to the building.

Cat grows anxious

It takes several minutes to get the cat free safely and as the man works to free the animal, it grows impatient and desperate to get out. The brown tabby cat can be seen in the video growing anxious.

However, the man takes notice of the cat’s worries and gives it some space, stepping away momentarily. The cat begins to wiggle its body part of the way out of the narrow opening in the wall. However, he remains stuck.

Free at last

After noticing that the tabby cat needs an extra helping hand, the good samaritan comes to help by laying down his chisel and using his hands to help push and guide the feline to freedom. With the extra help, the cat wiggles free and finally escapes from the narrow opening in the wall — the delicate rescue mission was a success!

The cat escaped unharmed after the rescue in November 2020, and the damage to the building in Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam, was minimal.

Lesson learned

Making poor decisions can get you in trouble, but sometimes accidents happen. Fortunately, kind-hearted people are often ready and willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

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