Cat gets medical attention and says thank you by taking care of foster kittens

Sky was thankful for the folks at Alley Cat Rescue who gave him the life-saving surgery he needed. As a thank you, he decided he would help care for their foster kittens.

Sky was found with a chin injury and eye infection while roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Alley Cat Rescue brought him in for surgery right away.

But Sky wound up needing more than just chin surgery. X-rays showed that he had something called “funnel chest,” or Pectus Excavatum, which is an inward deviation of the sternum.

Double surgery

The condition made it hard for Sky to breathe. He also had an upper respiratory infection. Thanks to the Alley Cat Rescue, Sky had surgery for his chin and was healing from his infections.

The blue-eyed boy had just one more surgery to go. Despite all that Sky had been through and his poor health, he was still in good spirits.

He was quite the purr machine and craved affection from the humans around him. He especially loved sitting in his foster mom’s lap.

“He just wants to climb on laps and cuddle. He has always been incredibly loving and sweet with everyone,” Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

Sky was in great spirits the day after his chest surgery. He was super hungry and even wanted to leave his playpen to play.

He had to wear cute little vests to keep his chest plate clean and secure while it healed. He was also really good about wearing his bandages.

He also kept himself clean. Sky’s foster mom made sure to give him extra cuddles during this time.

“Sky is just full of purrs and wants to cuddle the minute you sit next to him. He purred throughout bandage changes and would just love to clean himself.”

All better

Sky was all healed after about a month and started to befriend the other foster kittens. He takes care of them just like his foster mom took care of him.

He learned it all from his buddy Bubblegum who likes to help groom and comfort the foster kittens.

“Sky is all healed up after surgery and is now taking on kitten responsibilities of his own. He is only five months old, and is taking over those six-week-old grooming kittens from Bubblegum,” the rescue said.

Sky makes sure to clean the little babies and watch over them when they take a snooze. He also snuggles them nicely, so they know they are loved.

All that love is sure to be returned back to Sky again when he finds his forever home. You can follow Alley Cat Rescue on Facebook and Instagram.

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