A family cat miraculously survives being trapped in a burning apartment for over 2 hours

In January, Jessica Allen and her family were resting peacefully in their apartment one when their evening became a nightmare. While at home with their family cat, their dwelling went up in a blazing fire in DeKalb County, Georgia.

According to Fox5 Atlanta, Jessica Allen and her husband were alerted of a fire thanks to their daughter. The daughter smelled smoke from inside the house and heard a crackling noise.

A blaze of panic

She quickly ran to her parent’s bedroom and alerted them to the fire burning their home. They acted fast to get out of the apartment quickly.

In the chaos, the family ran out of the house with only the night clothes on their backs. When escaping the burning home, they alerted neighbors of the Sierra Village Apartments to get out to avoid imminent danger.

The family made it to the street and watched as the rolling smoke and fire burnt their homes and belongings. At that moment, they realized they had left their furry family member behind.

As the fire burned, the cat ran into the bedroom. The family pleaded with the firefighters to search for their family cat.

The task was no easy feat. Firefighters went into the home to search for the animal. At first, they were unsuccessful; however, the family did not give up.

Miracle rescue

They begged the firefighters to check in the bedroom in the mattress boxspring to find their cat.

“We kept telling them that she’s in the box spring. Flip the mattress. Flip the bed. She’s in the box spring,” Allen said.

The family’s insistence paid off. After over two and one-half hours in the blaze, firefighters found their cat.

“We are very blessed because our daughter saved our lives,” Allen said. Although the family lost thousands of dollars in memorabilia from their personal and professional lives, they were overjoyed their cat was found alive.

Material things are replaceable. Nothing can replace family, including furry family members.

Unfortunately, the fire displaced ten families in the neighborhood. Residents believed the fire started due to an electrical issue within the walls.

remains of apartment in ruins after fire
The Allen family’s apartment remains after a devastating fire at the Sierra Village Apartments in Georgia. Pic Credit: @Fox5Atlanta/YouTube

Final thoughts

A restful evening turned into a nightmare for one Georgia family. When one family member sounded the alarm to get everyone to safety, they realized one important member was left behind.

Remaining steadfast and optimistic, the family banded together and did not give up on finding their family cat.

Despite losing all their material possessions, the family managed to walk away miraculously with the family intact – including the family cat.

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