This extraordinary black cat is mesmerized by its best friend – an almond

A cat parent named Liz adopted a sassy black cat named Ari with a secret obsession. Not only did Ari learn to bond with her mom, but she also developed a fixation with her best friend – an almond.

Sassy black cat

In a viral YouTube video with more than five million views, cat mom Liz shared her journey living life with this extraordinary black cat.

In 2018 Liz wanted to adopt a cat, and she adopted Ari. She was an adorable black kitten, and she instantly fell in love.

Liz described young Ari as very timid at first. However, with age, she’s been able to let her guard down and reveal her quirky personality.

Now that this little furball has grown up, she’s grown confident in her own skin. Ari loves to walk around crab-like with her back hunched and her fur fluffed up when entertaining her mom and playing.

Typically, a cat crab walking with its ears back and back hunched is a sign of defense when fearful or about to attack. However, with Ari, that’s just her sassy playful nature.

One in a million

She loves to scamper about the house doing zoomies from one end of the apartment to another. But what really gets her excited is her best friend, an almond.

Yes, you read that right. Ari loves playing with almonds.

Small, smooth, and easy to fetch, Ari is outright obsessed. She often carries the almond in her mouth as she prances around the home.

Ari is so talented. She can scoop up an almond inside her paw on her own.

Mother Liz realized Ari also enjoys playing fetch with it too. There’s never a dull moment at home.

Wrap up

Cats do the darndest things. Sometimes the strangest behaviors involve the simplest things, including an almond.

Despite this unusual obsession, mom Liz adores her black cat Ari, quirks and all. As cat parents, part of loving our furry family members means learning to accept the good, the bad, and the almonds.

You can see more of Ari’s antics online. Feel free to follow Ari’s quirky antics and adventures at home with her mom Liz, on Instagram.

What did you think about this cat’s unusual obsession? Did this story resonate with you?

Does your cat have any quirky habits you’ve grown to love?

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