A cat in Aberdeen makes it through a car trip while stuck in the front grill

On Wednesday morning, when David Harding from Aberdeen, Scotland, drove to the car dealership where he works, he noticed that something was off. There was an unusual noise coming from the front of his vehicle.

At his workplace, colleagues removed the car’s bumper to check the origin of the purr. A scared cat was entrapped in the Hyundai Tucson’s front grill.

Releasing the black-and-white from the car’s front was far from a breeze. Instead, it required human resources: four technicians collaborated to get the puss out.

“We managed to get it out. It was a bit scared and ran about the workshop. One of the apprentices took it to the vet.”, the car dealer said

They brought the kitten to a nearby veterinarian to check for any damage. Because the pet had been implanted with a microchip, the professional could get in touch with the cat’s owner.

 Cate Cowe lived three miles (five kilometers) away and was relieved to retrieve her three-year-old feline, Sully. She said:

“He goes out at night, he’s quite the wanderer. It was really bad rain so he has probably taken shelter in the car and got trapped.”

How did the cat get trapped in the car

According to BBC, the cat ultimately found its way into Mr. Harding’s car, parked at the Porsche Centre on Wellington Road in the city, after making its journey from the Garthdee area.

The car dealer thinks he has seen the calico feline roaming around prior to this incident but never expected to find him in his vehicle.

When he was brought up, Sully appeared to be a little worn out and agitated, although he felt much better after some well-deserved rest.

Furthermore, Ms. Cowe stated,

” I’m just glad he’s safe – and glad that he’s chipped. Luckily it’s a happy story. He’s something else.”

Sully’s little mishap is a recurring issue with cats. They love to squeeze their tiny bodies into closed spaces.

Cars are a clear favorite because of the empty gaps they offer and the warmth emerging from the engine.

Like Sully, in Clacton, Essex, a cat was thoroughly stuck in the front grille of a Ford focus. The automobile driver spotted the male tabby peering back at him.

In this particular case, the front end had to be disassembled to free the trapped moggy. The car owner estimated that the cat had been stuck in the grill for two days.

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