A good Samaritan helped save the lives of 11 abandoned cats dumped in an alley sealed in cardboard boxes

Eleven abandoned cats were rescued by an animal rescue group in East London after being found in cardboard boxes on the street. An unknown person had sealed the cats in boxes with heavy-duty tape.

A good Samaritan named Wendy stumbled upon the boxes and heard meow cries from the boxes and contacted the Celia Hammond Animal Trust group for help. In a Facebook post on January 11, 2019, the rescue organization shared the story of the incident on social media.

Abandoned cats

An unknown person had dumped eleven cats in an alley in Stratford. The boxes containing the animals had no holes in them to allow oxygen to get inside.

It appeared that whoever placed the cats in the boxes intended for the animals to perish. This was an alarming act of animal cruelty.

The cats would not have survived if they had remained in the alley for another hour or two.


The cats were taken to an animal clinic nearby, thanks to Wendy’s quick action. The felines were freed from the stifling cardboard boxes.

Although dirty with fleas and underweight, the cats survived.

Surprisingly the felines were also relatively friendly. The vet staff at the clinic made sure to give the cats exams and provide plenty of food to build up their weight and health.

They arranged to have the cats neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before rehoming them.

Surrendered pets statistics

According to the ASPCA, the most common reason owners surrender or rehome their animal is due to pet problems.

“[P]et problems are the most common reason that owners rehome their pet, accounting for 47% of rehomed dogs and 42% of rehomed cats. Pet problems were defined as problematic behaviors, aggressive behaviors, grew larger than expected, or health problems owner couldn’t handle.”

Finding a forever home

Fortunately, two of the cats have found their forever homes since their rescue. In an updated Facebook post, adopter Ajeetha shared her joy and excitement of adopting two of the eleven abandoned cats.

The new owner and Transformers fan, named the two rescues Bumble Bee and Arcee Prime. Together the two new cats join her older senior cat named Optimus Prime.

After several weeks of adjusting to home life, the cats have thrived. Bumble Bee and Arcee Prime’s personalities have shined bright.

Bumblebee likes to give head butts and show affection, while Arcee Prime loves to play fetch with bouncy balls.

In the updated post, the owner stated,

“We are so glad that we adopted them. Life has become once more beautiful with them.”

Wrap up

Thanks to a good Samaritan’s quick action, these cats dumped in an alley avoided imminent danger and were saved by a local animal rescue. Fate intervened and provided these tabby cats with a second chance at life.

These abandoned cats, like all pets, deserve to live a life with a loving family that loves them unconditionally.

What did you think of this extraordinary story? Is your pet a rescue too?

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