Special needs kitten goes missing for two years before returning

A whole year has gone by since Epsy the cat vanished. This cat’s owner had been looking for her for so long without success that she had begun to accept the idea that she would never see her again.

This was until people started posting pictures on Facebook.

Calgary, Canada, is Wendy Syvret’s current residence. The woman lived in a lovely home with her special needs cat Epsy.

However, in September 2020, Epsy the cat disappeared without a trace, leaving her owner devastated.

Wendy Syvret claims that the cat used to stray outdoors occasionally, but the last time felt different. That day Epsy went out through a crack in the fence and disappeared.

As Epsy had limited mobility, Wendy was even more worried about her survival chances on the streets. Unlike most kitties, Epsy could not jump higher than a kitchen chair and climb trees.

A desperate Wendy left a concerning post on a local Facebook page asking for help. In the 2020 publication, she described her special needs pet, saying:

” She doesn’t know how to control her nails so cannot defend herself. She knows her name and is generally quite vocal.”

Additionally, Wendy Syvret had combed the area for any sign of Epsy. Unfortunately, despite her best intentions, this attempt also failed.

Epsy comes back home

The Canadian assumed her cat was gone until a post changed her mind.

Almost two years after the distressing event, Wendy Syvret saw in September 2022 pictures of a cat resembling Epsy on a Facebook group for lost and recovered pets.

A stranger had recently found the cat roaming. Although interested, Wendy Syvret didn’t think this puss was Epsy at first.

Her pet had been gone for two years, so her chances of returning were slim. But Epsy’s rescuer had taken the animal to a vet.

There, a microchip revealed the pet’s identity.

When it came time to shave Epsy’s matted fur, the vets had to sedate her. Even though Etsy was in remarkable form for an animal that had traveled for two years, she lost the tip of her ears because of frostbite.

As a matter of fact, Epsy was only a couple of blocks away from her house. Veterinarians concluded that her limited vision had prevented her from finding her way back home.

Wendy Syvret expressed her appreciation to her cat’s helpers, saying:

 ” Angels fed her and gave her some kind of shelter”

Finally, 715 days after her departure, Epsy was reunited with her mistress. Wendy quickly fixed her fence to ensure the cat never went missing again.

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