A kind grandma made special booties for a kitten with nub feet so he could get around

When Nikki Martinez of My Foster Kittens in Las Vegas took in Scottie, a kitten born with nubs for back feet, she knew she would need grandma’s help.

Her grandma, a former ballerina who knew all about “protecting toes,” whipped up the perfect pair of kitties booties to help Scottie get around.

Now Scottie can run, jump, and climb just like the other cats his age. Scottie was a determined cat and learned to get up and down the stairs to his foster mom’s bed pretty quickly.

Scottie’s special shoes

But it was causing pain and discomfort to his little nubs. That’s when grandma made him teeny tiny little booties with some rubber traction on the bottom.

At first, Scottie thought his new shoes were just a toy, he was a little wary of these weird things on his feet. But once Scottie got used to his new booties, nothing could stop him. He would zoom up and down those stairs and run around his house.

He even decided that he was going to learn how to climb the cat tree just like the other cats at Nikki’s house. Once he got up to the first level, he was easily able to get to the next.

Scottie’s new life

Speaking of Scottie’s determination and lust for life, Nikki told The Dodo:

“He was so determined and nothing got in his way as far as obstacles. He was seeing my cats go up in the cat treee.

It was almost like I could see the wheels turning in his head thinking, ‘How can I get up there. I knew that if he could get up to that first one he was going to get higher and higher.”

A black and white kitten wearing booties.
Scottie getting used to his new special shoes. Pic credit: The Dodo/YouTube

Scottie was so active that he actually wore a hole in his little booties and grandma had to make him some more. Scottie’s continued use of his little nubs actually caused them to grow into a paw-like shape.

A new forever home

His nubs healed so well that he eventually didn’t even need his special shoes anymore. Now that Scottie was a healthy little boy, it was time to find him a forever home.

Scottie ended up being adopted by a cat dad named Moses, who already had a kitten named Scout that was the same age as Scottie and looked just like him! Scottie immediately hit it off with his new family.

Speaking of the instant bond between Scottie and Scout, Moses said:

“He cuddled with me the first night, and Scout was so excited to have another cat in the house. They started playing together,”

Now Scottie is living the life of a “pampered prince” with his new family, and Scottie continues to be a very happy boy that overcomes any obstacles in his way.

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