Kitten with shaved stomach after surgery

This sick kitten miraculously recovered, like a phoenix rising from the ashes

This kitten was in poor shape when she arrived at the shelter. She was about to be euthanized, but people saw the potential in this kitten and decided to put in the hard work to save her. The kitten survived through her surgery and is doing much better now, like a phoenix rising from the … Read more

two grey cuddles cuddle in an orange box

Hissing kitties finally warm up to rescuers once they get cozy in their foster home

A mother and her newborn kittens hiding under a shopping cart weren’t too keen on being rescued. The family finally warmed up to their foster family after 24 hours. Mom was found nursing her kittens under a row of shopping carts at a Walmart in North Carolina. Sparkle Cat Rescue was called to the scene. … Read more

A ginger long-haired cat sitting in a pile of leaves

Half blind feral cat sleeps in a pile of leaves until he is rescued

Morpheus, a half-blind semi-feral long-haired orange cat, spent his nights sleeping in piles of leaves for comfort. Now, that he’s been rescued he snuggles up on a cozy couch Morpheus was found living on the streets. His neighbors would give him food and water, but the cat was in obvious need of medical attention. Neighbors … Read more