A ginger and calico kitten wrapped up in a blanket together.

These wounded brother and sister kittens kept each other alive until they could be rescued

When brother and sister newborn kittens Bonsai, a tortoiseshell cat, and Budda, a ginger cat, were found, they had severe wounds on their legs. They were also extremely underweight. Rescuer Melinda Blain, the co-founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, believes that the only reason they survived so long without their mother is that they had each … Read more

A black and white kitten being held in someone's hands.

A kind grandma made special booties for a kitten with nub feet so he could get around

When Nikki Martinez of My Foster Kittens in Las Vegas took in Scottie, a kitten born with nubs for back feet, she knew she would need grandma’s help. Her grandma, a former ballerina who knew all about “protecting toes,” whipped up the perfect pair of kitties booties to help Scottie get around. Now Scottie can … Read more