A man converts a hidden space into a miniature bedroom for his cat

For his cat, a man turned an empty space hidden behind a wall into a lovely bedroom. The new room was complete with cat-sized furniture and a TV!

Wyatt, a lovable stray cat, found a forever home with Bryan Davies and his family. The black kitten’s favorite thing is watching the birds and squirrels outside the window, which his family soon discovered.

The puss could spend hours peering at the glass, not to miss a bird flying by or a squirrel dashing through the grass. However, during winter months, squirrels and bird outings would become scarce.

Yet, Wyatt was still looking for them in his favorite position.

Since Bryan didn’t want Wyatt to go hungry while he waited for the birds and squirrels to visit, he got creative.

The handyman wanted to keep his cat entertained all year long, so he started by searching the internet for recordings of birds and playing them for Wyatt on a tablet. Wyatt loved this new version of his hobby.

Furthermore, Bryan sought to provide his cat with a dedicated spot in the house where Wyatt could watch bird videos in peace without interruption.

While redecorating his bedroom, Bryan came up with the idea of creating a special spot for his puss, Wyatt’s personalized cat cave.

The Dodo quotes Bryan as saying:

” It was the perfect spot for an even tinier bedroom in our tiny bedroom in our tiny home. So, I opened the wall and started remodeling.”

Wyatt gets his cat miniature bedroom

Once everything was in its place, the cat dad gave the room a cozy feel by adding a bed for Wyatt and some images he thought his cat would enjoy on the walls.

The room’s centerpiece was undoubtedly the little TV mounted on the wall, allowing his kitten to watch all his favorite bird shows without leaving his cozy bed.

Davies shared the result on social media, stating:

Even though Bryan had his doubts that his cat would enjoy the new chamber he had constructed for her, the feline quickly adopted it as his preferred resting spot.

Bryan said about Wyatt’s go-to spot:

” He spends a lot of time in there, asking to watch his show before taking a nap. He zones out to the screen like a normal teen”

Take a look at Wyatt enjoying his new digs.

The kitten looks like a kid discovering his single bedroom for the first time. Likewise, Bryan feels most accomplished when he sees his pet enjoying the room he renovated.

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