Cat and Newfoundland dog give each other emotional support

Bears the cat and Belle the dog have had a connection ever since they first met. Now they are each other’s emotional support, especially when they have surgery.

Two of a kind

Bears was first introduced to Belle when Belle was a puppy. Their owner, Emily, wasn’t sure they would get along. But they were both curious about each other, and when they got more comfortable, they really opened up. In a video by the Dodo, Emily said:

“Bears bowed his head and just pushed his head up into her nuzzle. I’ve never seen Bears do that with any other dog. He just understood that he had a sister now, and maybe that they’re siblings because they look alike.”

It’s strange to say that they look like siblings, since Bears is a cat and Belle is a huge Newfoundland dog. But it’s true. They are both black and white, and they match each other’s personalities so well.

The more Bears and Belle got to know each other, the more they loved playing together. Emily describes Bears as the “pesky little brother” who always wants to get his sister to play with him.

As Belle grew bigger, Emily was worried that she would need to be more careful watching them play with each other. But Belle is always gentle with Bears, and Bears isn’t afraid at all. In fact, Emily says that Bears’ “love for her only grew as she grew.”

Bears’ surgery

When Bears needed surgery, Belle came to the vet with him. They stayed together in the car and in the lobby, as if Bears was asking for comfort and Belle was giving it to him.

After the surgery, Emily separated Belle from Bears so he could recover. But this wouldn’t last long. She says:

“Not even 10 minutes after we separated them were they nose to nose at the baby gate.”

She allowed them to be together again. Belle started licking Bears to comfort him, and Bears licked Belle back. They both knew that love is the best medicine.

Belle’s surgery

Later, Belle needed a surgery on her knee, and Bears had his chance to show her the same love that she showed him. While Belle was recovering, Bears curled up next to her to comfort her.

Emily expresses how amazing it has been to watch their love for each other unfold:

“Their understanding and their connection with each other is so magical. I feel so lucky being able to experience their love and their connection.”

This cat and his giant dog sister are an unlikely pair, but they truly have been each other’s emotional support in their most difficult times.

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