A man created special helmets for his cat so that they can skydive and ride motorcycles together

Cathode is a cat from France that probably has a more active lifestyle than most of us. This cat has been sky diving, mountain climbing, skiing, and has ridden motorcycles.

Her dad, Rémy Vicarini, even printed her a 3D motorcycle helmet. Vicarini chose Cathode out of all the other cats in the shelter because she came right up to him and wouldn’t leave his side. He learned that she had sadly been abandoned by her former owners at a bus stop.

Adventure time

She followed him around and loved spending every moment she could with her new cat dad. Cathode was so attached to Vicarini that he would feel guilty when he left her at home to go out and exercise.

So, he began taking Cathode with him. Since he loved biking, he decided to see if Cathode did too and would put her in his basket.

Cathode absolutely loved it. So, Vicarini figured he’d try other activities with Cathode as well. They would go paddled boarding, rollerblading, skiing, and even sky diving.

Vicarini told The Dodo:

“I see that Cathode is happy when she takes her head out to catch the wind. She is very curious and loves speed.

But there is always a small leash to prevent Cathode from advancing too much. She’s too fearless,”

One of Cathode’s favorite activities is riding a motorcycle. Her dad even printed her a little helmet with glasses to keep her head safe and her eyes protected from the wind.

There are holes for her little ears, and it even has cool spikes on it. Vicarini always makes sure to keep their activities short, for no longer than an hour, so Cathode can rest.

It’s Cathode way

Going on such big adventures is tiring, so she likes to take naps afterward. But Cathode wouldn’t give up her lifestyle for anything. She regularly begs her dad to let her outside for some fun time. Vicarini said:

“I’m sure everybody who has a cat knows that you don’t make a cat do what she doesn’t want to do. It’s not possible,”

As much joy as Cathode finds in her exciting activities with dad, Vicarini says he finds true joy in seeing an abandoned shelter cat living her best life every day, sharing:

“When Cathode is happy, I’m happy. She did everything for me. I can count on her more than any human. I was a little alone in my long studies.

Yes, I have family. Yes, I have friends, but it’s not the same. Cathode is always a support for me.

Cathode has confidence in me. She feels safe with me. Nobody has stayed with me for six year in good and bad. Cathode did,”

You can watch all of Cathode and her dad’s adventures on their Instagram page.

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