This woman loves sharing her van-life adventures while traveling the United States with her two cats

A free-spirited woman named Quin Gable loves traveling and living a van life. However, she doesn’t do so solo but shares her nature-bound adventures with her two cats, Otto and Atlas.

In a TikTok post, Quin describes how she lives her nomad lifestyle safely on the road with her two kitties.

Trading shelter life for van life

Two years ago, at the start of the pandemic, she rescued and adopted her two cats from a Chicago shelter when they were about four months old.

Since they were adopted, she and the cats have traveled 50,000 miles together. During her travels, Quin transitioned from driving a Hyundai Tuscan into a van lifestyle.

When she transitioned to van life in 2021, she made adjustments to make their living environment more cat friendly. She outfitted the van with hidden litter boxes, toys, and scratch pads.

While on her adventures in the wild, Quin slowly trained the cats to adapt to hiking using a harness when they were about one year old.


ITINERARY: Grand Teton National Park & Jackson! Save this for later! Any questions?!   Hikes: • Delta Lake (MY FAVORITE! 9 Miles + so worth it for the blue water at the end- HARD) • Phelps Lake (7 Miles w/ 20 ft. Cliff Jumping- EASY) • Jenny Lake Loop Trail (7.2 Miles w/ Waterfalls- EASY) • Cascade Canyon (Take the Jenny Lake Ferry to Trail- MODERATE) • Taggart Lake (3.8 Miles- EASY)   Full itinerary on I G #grandtetons #grandtetonnationalpark #itinerary

♬ Keep Going – Swørn

For exercise, they get outside daily and for safety, Quin uses trackers on her boys’ breakaway collars.

She also uses glow collars for nighttime. Otto loves walking in his harness with his retractable leash, in contrast, his brother Atlas prefers to nap.

Nomad lifestyle

Living a nomadic lifestyle is not the norm; however, it is perfect for those wanting to try living life outside the status quo.

Living on the road is ideal for those yearning for a sense of adventure and who don’t mind living in small spaces.

Whether you are retired and looking to cross those items off your bucket list or desire a full-time sense of adventure, van life may be right for you.

This woman and her two cats are living their best lives, sharing their sense of adventure together.

You can learn more about this lifestyle from people that have experienced it for years. This lifestyle sounds like a dream, but there are pros and cons. You can learn more about all aspects of van life and research information on the web.

Wrap up

Quin, Otto, and Atlas are making lifetime memories traveling and visiting the country’s beautiful national parks and untouched areas.

From the Rocky Mountains to Yosemite National Park, this trio makes the best of every day, enjoying the beauty of nature and all it has to offer.


VanLife Cat Walks: we are back in the mountains babbbbby + check out the prettiest sunset of my life. #vanlife #solovanlife #vanlifecat #adventurecat

♬ Going up the Country – Canned Heat

You can follow Otto and Atlas on their extraordinary adventures of van life with Quin on TikTok.

Does your cat live an adventurous lifestyle? Are you a fan of nomad living?

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