A recycling plant worker rescued three abandoned kittens from serious danger!

In December 2020, divine intervention stepped in when a recycling plant worker helped three abandoned kittens avoid death.

One cold winter day in New Jersey, an unknown person put a backpack with three kittens stuffed inside into a recycling container.

The container contents were thrown into a recycling truck in the evening as a snowstorm passed through the region.

Arriving at the OTC Recycling center in Burlington County, the backpack landed in a massive pile for processing. Somehow the kittens survived a night in the cold and miraculously avoided getting crushed along with the debris.

The end of this horrific nightmare came when an employee, Barrie Donaldson, working on the conveyor belt, noticed a backpack moving. He alerted his colleagues and proceeded to retrieve the bag.

Upon opening the backpack, he discovered three kittens unharmed inside. With everything they encountered, it was a true Christmas miracle.

Five people standing, three of them holding kittens.
Employee and rescuer Barrie Donaldson describes how he discovered the kittens. Pic credit: @Whyy.org/Website

Miracle kittens survive

Inside the backpack were three tabby kittens, two girls, and one boy. Authorities did not trace the original container that initially held the kittens and there were no witnesses.

A compactor truck emptying materials at the recycling center plant.
The three kittens survived the odds among the discarded trash processed at the N.J. recycling center. Pic credit: @Whyy.org/Website

Despite their horrible ordeal, these miracle kittens quickly found their forever homes. Ashley Bush, a worker at the plant, adopted the grey tabby kitten and named her Precious.

The Marshall family, who had just suffered the loss of their family cat in a car accident the day prior, adopted the two remaining kittens, the family named them Sonny and Luna.

Burlington County animal shelter offered free spay and neutering services for the rescue kittens and county freeholders donated pet supplies.

Officials noted that anyone who needed to surrender a pet could do so by dropping off their pet at the animal shelter, no questions asked.

An orange tabby kitten being held by their owner.
Orange tabby, Sonny, one of three miracle kittens rescued at the OTC Recycling center in Burlington county, N.J. Pic credit: @Whyy.org/Website

Wrap up

A New Jersey recycling plant employee played the part of a guardian angel and saved three abandoned kittens stuffed into a backpack left for dead. Thanks to his quick action, he helped save the lives of three felines that day.

These three miracle kittens survived insurmountable odds and were destined to find their forever homes. Now they have a second chance at living happy lives with families that can provide a loving and safe home.

man and woman holding tabby kittens
Nicole and Alex Marshall hold their newly adopted rescue kittens, Luna (left) and Sonny (right). Pic credit: @Whyy.org/Website.

Did this story resonate with you? Do you believe in miracles?

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