A woman finds a litter of abandoned kitties while urbexing

Urban explorer discovers a litter of abandoned kittens in a deserted garment factory

During her exploration of a defunct factory, a British woman made a significant find. She uncovered a box containing a brand-new litter of kittens. This urban explorer came upon five stray kittens and brought them to safety into her home. Additionally, the blogger shared her discovery in a video to find a family for those … Read more

tabby cat rests on bed pillow

This woman fights her fear of heights to rescue an abandoned cat from a 140-foot bridge.

In November 2021, animal lover Nicole Toney drove across the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in Texas on her lunch break when she saw something unusual. After making a U-turn to investigate further, she discovered an abandoned cat paralyzed with fear on the bridge. As Nicole recounts the experience in a YouTube video, she remembers approaching the … Read more

Kittens poke their heads out of a gap in a cardboard box.

14 kittens rescued from cardboard boxes in the forest now live in a kitten paradise

In late May, dozens of kittens were found abandoned in a forest near a playground, packed away in cardboard boxes. Members of the Adorable Paws cat rescue YouTube channel heard about the kittens and rushed to their rescue. Several precious kittens had already passed away, but the rescuers were able to safely retrieve most of … Read more

gray kittten held closely in the arms of woman

A recycling plant worker rescued three abandoned kittens from serious danger!

In December 2020, divine intervention stepped in when a recycling plant worker helped three abandoned kittens avoid death. One cold winter day in New Jersey, an unknown person put a backpack with three kittens stuffed inside into a recycling container. The container contents were thrown into a recycling truck in the evening as a snowstorm … Read more