A woman brings home a pair of kittens home to join her family and the children form a unique bond

In a heartwarming viral video post on YouTube, mother Amanda remembers the day she introduced her child Sadie to two new ginger kittens that would become family. Freddy and Vito were two three-month-old kittens destined to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of this new family.

New additions

Amanda knew this duo was something special when her one-year-old daughter Sadie greeted them, and they had a very relaxed attitude and demeanor. The cats adapted well around her young child and bonded so well, they became best friends as time passed.

New mom Amanda remembered an endearing moment captured at night via baby monitor of cat Freddy creeping into the baby crib to entertain Sadie. They had their own private ‘conversation’ and playtime together.

They shared such a special bond. Just like any other siblings, they have their moments where they fight or get upset.

However, it does not last long before there is an apology followed by playtime. 

Having Freddy and Vito in their lives as their family expanded to include little brother Liam has been a joy to watch. The gentle disposition the ginger cats displayed with the young children, to the playfulness they shared with each other warmed her heart.

Quite literally the entire family has grown up together. 

Pets’ impact on children

Pets play an important role in the lives of children. According to the AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry), pets provide many benefits in a child’s life including:

  • Pets help provide lessons about life including sickness and death.
  • Pets help a child develop a sense of responsibility.
  • They teach a child to have respect for living things.
  • Playtime with pets increases physical activity
  • Pets provide comfort, love, loyalty, and affection
  • Owning a pet can increase a child’s self-esteem and communication skills.

Wrap up

The decision to add two ginger kittens to a growing family proved to be a fruitful decision for mother Amanda. Watching how her two kittens have flourished and grown alongside her two children Sadie and Liam, has brought a bounty of joy and wonderful memories.

The impact of the loving bond developed and shared among the whole family is priceless. The love that continues to grow between the parents and children between Freddy and Vito is a joy to watch.

You can follow the mom Amanda, Sadie, Liam and their weekly adventures with the cats on Instagram.

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