Litter of kittens won’t stop following orange tabby foster

Jasper is a leader. But even when he wants his pack of foster kittens to stop following him, they won’t.

The orange tabby was once a foster cat himself until his mom Kelsey Minier adopted him.

Now he helps mom with all the new fosters she brings home. Jasper had his hands full when his mom babysat a litter of six kittens when their foster mom was out of town for the weekend.

Follow the leader

The litter immediately fell in love with Jasper. At first, they all hid under a dresser when they first arrived.

They were scared of being carted off to yet another new surroundings.

But they were happy to see this house had a big cat, like their original foster home. So, they poked their head out, one-by-one, when Jasper came into the room.

“Jasper realized there were kittens in the room, so he sniffed them out from under the dresser. They all immediately emerged and were rubbing all over him,” Minier told Love Meow.

They followed him everywhere he went and would beg him for attention. He was constantly flanked by kittens. They practically sat on top of him.

“He was definitely overwhelmed at first since there were six of them. He ended up showing them that the best place in the room was the wood cube in front of the window,” Minier said.

Jasper hopped on the box so that he could be above the kittens to keep an eye on them and care for them individually.

“He perched up there and watched over them, and they individually would come and try to get his attention,” Minier said. “Jasper would groom them if they came over one at a time.”

Individual attention

Jasper would make sure to give each one of them proper cuddles and wrap his arms around them. He would also wash their faces.

Jasper loved taking care of the little kids. Just not when they surrounded him all at once.

He would bring them to the food area, take them to watch the birds by the window, and give them lots of love. It was a hectic weekend for Jasper, but he had a lot of fun.

But he was happy when they all returned to their foster home at the end of the weekend. He could finally get some peace and quiet.

After some R&R, Jasper was ready to welcome the next set of fosters his mom brings home. You can follow Jasper and his fosters onĀ Instagram @pennyandthefosters.

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