Abandoned cat has overnight transformation in the care of a loving foster mom

Frannie was wary of humans after being abandoned by her owners. But she turned into a cat that begs for hugs after being in the care of people that love her.

The calico cat was found wandering the streets by Community Cat Club, a TNR rescue, in New Jersey.

She was very wary of her captors and tried to keep her distance from them. The Community Cat Club thought that Frannie was a community cat.

Abandoned by family

So, they planned to spay her and return her to where she was found.

But when they brought her to the clinic, they learned that she had a microchip.

The Community Cat Club tried to contact the owner on record. They kept up their efforts to find Frannie’s family for about two weeks.

“When we finally got in touch with her previous family we found out that they had moved away and could not take Frannie,”  Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club, told with Love Meow.

Sharp learned that the 4-year-old calico had been roaming around alone for about two months before she was rescued.

Frannie was traumatized from being on the streets and trying to fend for herself and refused to interact with her rescuers.

“She would constantly hiss and avoid us. We kept working with her trying to find a foster home for her,” Sharp said.

The turn around

Since Frannie wasn’t too keen being around lots of people, one of Community Cat Club’s volunteers took her in.

There Frannie had her own quiet, cozy space where she could relax and get used to being in a safe environment.

She woke up the next morning acting like a completely different cat. She was begging her foster mom for pets and affection.

“After one day, she was a whole new cat. Fostering saves lives. Frannie is proof of that,” Sara said. “She’s incredibly sweet and just always wants love. She also does well with other animals.”

Frannie is now a very happy girl who loves to plop over and get belly rubs. She doesn’t like sleeping alone and prefers to cuddle with her foster mom as much as possible.

This sweet girl went from being a terrified antisocial cat to one who is a confident and trusting lap cat.

“This girl has already been through a lot and deserves an amazing forever home,” Sara said.

Frannie is currently up for adoption with Community Cat Club. You can get updates on Frannie on their Facebook and Instagram page.

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