Man’s hand is taken hostage by his girlfriend’s cat

This guy was just minding his business, hanging out with his girlfriend’s cat, when all of a sudden the cat fell asleep on his hand. He didn’t know if he could move, since he might wake up the cat. He went to the internet with his problem, hoping to find a solution.

Cat hostage

He posted a picture of the cat on Reddit. The cat was resting his chin peacefully on one of the person’s hands. The guy was clearly stuck. He said in the caption:

“My girlfriend’s cat fell asleep like this. I’m not used to cats. What do I do now? My finger is starting to get numb.”

He had gone to the internet for help, but they weren’t very helpful. Most of the people who responded had very bad news for him: he couldn’t move. It was the rule. His hand was the cat’s hostage now, and he wasn’t allowed to wake the cat up.

Reddit comments


Although the commenters knew that this guy was stuck until the end of time, or at least until the cat moved on his own, they still tried to encourage him to make the most of the situation.

Some people said that he should feel honored that the cat had chosen him. Some said that he should give the cat lots of pets and kisses while he still could. Others suggested that he should send a picture to his girlfriend, since the fastest way to a cat lover’s heart is earning their cat’s trust.

Other commenters were sympathetic, saying that they were sorry to hear that his hand was taken hostage and that it might go numb and fall off before the cat was ready to move. One commenter provided a small sliver of hope:

Reddit comment, saying: "They make excellent prosthetic fingers now. So lifelike."

Some commenters tried to offer more helpful advice to the man. They suggested that he pull off an Indiana Jones move and carefully replace his hand with something else so the cat didn’t wake up.

Others just said to move his hand and not worry about the cat waking up. True, he might feel bad if the cat was grumpy, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

The situation escalates

Just a few minutes after this guy posted about his situation, it became even more serious. He explained that the cat had moved, but it was now in a more dangerous place. He said:

“Now it’s full asleep on my belly. I’m scared to breathe. I don’t want to wake it up. This is how I die.”

Now he was fully the cat’s hostage. We hope that since then he has been able to find a peaceful solution to this hostage situation, and that he was able to escape unharmed without waking up the cat.

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