Adam Driver cats: How oriental shorthairs started being compared to the Hollywood actor

Yup, Adam Driver cats are a thing! There really is a whole breed of cat that looks like the famous actor.

People began making the comparison between Oriental Shorthairs and the Hollywood star when he first appeared as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars sequel trilogy back in 2015.

Then in 2022, the comparison went viral when social media users noticed a particularly uncanny resemblance between the actor and now-famous Oriental Shorthair Teddy.

Thousands of curious cat lovers flocked to Teddy’s social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to check him out — and “Adam Driver cats”‘ place in history was confirmed.

Teddy’s owner is a cat lover who keeps a home full of adorable Oriental Shorthair cats. Teddy’s similarity to Adam Driver came as a result of him appearing on the Hobbikats social media pages, which he shared with five other Oriental Shorthairs: Tina, Bindi, Dexter and Rikki, and Stache.

Teddy sadly passed away on March 5, 2023, while Stache died in 2021.

Teddy the cat
Teddy, an Oriental Shorthair, looked like actor Adam Driver. Pic credit: @hobbikats/Instagram

As of August 12, the Hobbikats had 9,455 followers on Twitter, 149K subscribers on YouTube, 378k followers on Instagram, and 1.1M followers on TikTok.

However, Teddy was the most famous of the Hobbikats.

Teddy looked like Adam Driver, cat lovers agreed

On April 10, 2022, the Cats Being Weird Little Guys Twitter account shared a photo of him, shown below.

The photo shows Teddy sitting on a shelf beside a bottle of champagne, with his two long front legs literally hanging out.

The comedic photo went viral on Twitter, receiving 82k likes and nearly 6k reposts. Many cat lovers who added their comments to the photo said he looked like Adam Driver.

“Took me a minute to figure out who this cat reminded me of,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Why is Adam Driver sitting on that shelf?” another commented.

“I must like Adam Driver or something-I keep seeing him everywhere, weird,” a third said.

Other Oriental Shorthairs compared with Adam Driver

As mentioned, Teddy was not the first Oriental Shorthair that cat lovers compared with Adam Driver.

An Oriental Shorthair named Corey previously went viral online in January 2016 after New Jersey’s SPCA shared his photo on their website. Many cat lovers said Corey bore an uncanny resemblance to the Star Wars actor.

In 2017, Facebook fans also claimed that Dobby_Cat, a feline social media star with more than 230k followers, resembled the actor.

Many Reddit users have shared photos and images of Oriental Shorthairs, noting that they looked like Adam Driver.

“All oriental shorthairs look like Adam Driver,” one Reddit user commented. “That’s actually how we figured out what breed my parking lot kitty is mixed with.”

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