Cat eating mice is making people uncomfortable

Tiktok of a housecat eating mice has viewers torn

A Tiktok video showing a cat chugging trapped mice has viewers divided. Some think it’s nature’s pre-definite order, while others are not so convinced. Jordy Jared Fuentes has a Tiktok channel where he shares animal-related content. Viewers can get to know his dog, cat, and colorful birds. One of the content creator’s videos has initiated … Read more

This fitness cat just wants to exercise

Fitness cat begs owner to start the treadmill for his workout

As any cat owner or admirer will attest, feline companions can be quite demanding. And their owners often go out of their way to cater to their every desire. One owner recently shared that her ” fitness cat,” Leonardo, enjoys running on the treadmill. We learn via @leoelmamalon’s TikTok channel. In a video, the feline’s … Read more

Tiktok helps woman fund her foster kitten dental surgery

Tiktoker raises money for rescue kitten’s dental surgery after pleading video went viral

On October 8th, a wildlife conservator named Natalie posted a video on TikTok, asking for support. Natalia had just rescued a black kitten who needed expensive treatment she couldn’t afford. Days after her plea, Natalie was elated to receive many donations from people empathetic to her struggle. Social loves to laugh and marvel at little … Read more

Cat with sunglasses sits in front of card game boxes

This talented cat plays Cards Against Humanity with her owner

Have you ever played card games with your cat? This cat owner discovered that his cat could play “Cards Against Humanity” with him, and they’ve been entertaining their followers on social media with their games ever since. Picking cards Noelle is an adorable cat who loves to “bap” things with her paws. One day about … Read more

meet Hanny, the disabled cat who loves the beach

Disabled Bengal cat still has fun on adventures with her owners

Rescue cat Hanny’s life started with a tragic event. The kitten was only a few hours old when another cat bit her in the back, damaging her lower body. As a result, the cat’s back legs were paralyzed. Still, Hanny’s handicap has not prevented her from living life to the fullest. And she can always … Read more

Woman discovers her cat trapped inside a bathroom wall

TikToker finds her three-day missing cat trapped inside a drywall

A woman whose cat went missing for days didn’t realize the pet was already home. The kitten hadn’t fled or gotten lost; he was trapped. The pet owner, who has just finished renovating her bathroom, was horrified when she discovered that her cat was stuck inside the wall. Ashlin Hadden, @AshlinHadden on TikTok, recently shared … Read more