An 85-year-old man’s cat came to his aid after a slip-and-fall in the shower

In a heartwarming YouTube video shared by 23 ABC News, an 85-year-old veteran, Ron Williams explains how he received a kitten named Fluffy from a friend.

He did not realize that this little fluff ball would turn out to be the hero cat that would save his life.

Perfect match

Ron had previously served in the U.S. Army and now resides in Michigan. His friend gifted him a male kitten companion to keep him company.

In the video, he explains he immediately fell in love with Fluffy and had a connection from the start. The gray and white patterned tabby cat is your typical ball of cuteness and energy and is quite bright.

Ron tells of how whenever the phone would ring, he would say “ring-a-ding.” He never realized that indirectly he was training Fluffy to connect the two ideas;”ring-a-ding” and telephone.

Ron suffers a slip and fall

What happens next is every senior person’s worst nightmare, Ron recounts how he suffered a fall getting out of the shower one morning. When he fell, his arm got pinned underneath himself, and he could not move.

From around 8 a.m. to almost midnight the same day, Ron lay on the floor in pain. His situation was dire, with the bathroom door closed, he had no access to his Life Alert in the other room.

Stroke of luck

Fortunately, his phone was in the bathroom but just out of reach on the counter, then Ron remembered his best friend Fluffy was still in the bathroom with him.

With hope fading fast and not much strength left in him, Ron said:

” Ring-a-ding Fluffy. You’re my only hope.”

He remembers within five minutes; he felt something hit his hand. Fluffy had managed to retrieve the phone, and Ron was able to call for help.

Recounting that moment Ron said:

“He’s my hero and always will be. He’ll never be away from me until the day I die.”

Ron did not suffer any broken bones; however, he had some soreness and bruising.

A white and gray kitten walks across a room.
Fluffy, the hero cat, came to his dad’s aid after a fall in the shower. Pic credit: @23ABC News/YouTube

Fluffy the hero cat

Ron’s friend’s gesture of giving the gift of companionship in the form of a feline friend turned into a life-saving moment, this lucky man’s life was saved thanks to his feline best friend and companion.

Ron is fortunate to see many more days thanks to his hero cat Fluffy. Many think heroes are only those in uniform, however, this heartwarming story shows that heroes come in all forms, including the cute and fluffy kind.

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