TikTok cats Mia and Jerrie show off their skills on homemade obstacle courses

Meet TikTok’s Ambassadors of Fluff, Mia and Jerrie! These two fluffy kitties have taken the platform by storm, with 4.8 million followers.

In some of their most popular videos, they tackle the challenging obstacle courses that their owner makes for them.

The cats’ owner, Julia, first adopted Mia in October 2020. She started posting cat content on her TikTok account @mmeowmmia later that month. Mia was just a small furball of a kitten, and Jerrie had not joined their team yet.

Now Mia is a full-grown, white Persian cat with beautiful mismatched eyes of blue and green. She is playful, cuddly, and has plenty of fluff to spare.

Mia and the Games

The first video of Mia participating in her personalized games was posted in January 2021. It showed her weaving around and jumping over increasingly difficult obstacles made of paper cups.

She knocked over a few cups, losing some points. But she was at the beginning of her athletic journey, so she was just warming up.

Now she completes the courses with natural grace and ease, sailing over obstacles like a fluffy white cloud.

Jerrie Joins in

After a year of fun and games with Mia, Julia adopted Jerrie, a gorgeous ragdoll cat with brilliant blue eyes. As expected of Mia’s younger sister, Jerrie is also wonderfully fluffy.

In a post on the cats’ Instagram account, Julia described Jerrie as an “extremely curious” and “very active cat” who “jumps very well,” perfect to join the kitty games!

On May 12th Jerrie appeared in her first video, competing against Mia in cup obstacle courses. She didn’t do as well as her more experienced sister, but she was off to a promising start.


Meet @Jerrie 🤎 Mia’s little sister 🤍🤎🐾 More about Jerrie in our Instagram #cat #catgame #catchallenge

♬ original sound – Mia & Jerrie

More Fun Challenges

In addition to cup obstacle courses, Mia and Jerrie’s owner has made some other creative challenges, like the Reducing Passage, where the cats walk through increasingly small gaps in a cardboard barrier.


Mia vs Reducing passage 🐱 How thin can she be?😻 #cat #catchallenge #catlogic #catvs

♬ original sound – Mia & Jerrie

They have also faced the Reducing Hole and the Descending Gate, squeezing through smaller and smaller holes and gaps toward victory.

If the gaps get too small for the cats to handle, they show off their incredible agility by leaping over the walls of cardboard in breathtaking high jumps.

Mia and Jerrie are living proof that cats are liquid. It’s so much fun to watch these epitomes of fluff and feline grace show off their skills.

We look forward to seeing more of these athletes in action and cheering them on in all their exciting challenges.

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