Best Friends throws ‘kitten showers’ coast to coast to help get supplies for kitten season

Have you ever been to a baby shower?

Baby showers are meant to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a brand-new bundle of joy. This is a joyous occasion.

Now multiply that feeling by thousands. Yes, thousands.

If you did not know before, now you know. This is known as a kitten shower.

Kitten showers are a fun and creative way to help animal shelters prepare to save lives.

As the weather gets warmer in the spring and summer months, kitten season approaches. This time of year is when most female cats have their kittens.

Thousands of kittens will arrive at shelters across the country during this time. And while kitten season may sound delightful, it’s a pivotal time for shelters.

That’s why the nonprofit animal organization, Best Friends teamed up with shelters coast to coast in the United States to throw kitten showers to collect helping hands and supplies for needy kittens.

best friends donations on table kitten season
Best Friends receives a table full of donations to support kittens in need. Pic Credit:

Why support kitten showers?

Kittens are more at risk when entering shelters. Orphaned newborn kittens need special around-the-clock care, making them some of the most vulnerable.

With the help of the communities, orphaned kittens and the organizations that support them can get the much-needed supplies and necessities.

Additionally, using these kitten shower events is a creative avenue for recruiting foster volunteers.

Kitten showers impacting lives

Best Friends recently hosted a series of kitten showers at several locations across the country, from Los Angeles, California, to Atlanta, Georgia.

Both organizers and attendees raved about the impact of having a kitten shower event as it’s a great way to get others excited and involved for kitten season.

The shower presented an opportunity for people in the community to talk with experienced specialists about how they can help and foster kittens.

At Best Friends in Los Angeles, attendees learned about the kitten care program and watched bottle-feeding demonstrations. Several at the event signed up to become new kitten foster volunteers.

On the east coast, at Best Friends in New York, a longtime kitten foster volunteer offered her time and spoke with prospective foster families, and answered questions about fostering kittens.

Meanwhile, at Best Friends in Houston, attendees learned how to make kitten toys, played games, and attended an on-site kitten bottle-feeding class.

Northwest Arkansas, Best Friends, arranged for six donation drop spots where people could donate kitten food.

black kitten with pink collar
This blue-eyed beauty is one of several kittens that need your help. Pic Credit:

Mission Accomplished

The kitten showers events have helped raise supplies for shelters to help feed and care for the hundreds of kittens coming this season.

Additionally, it has raised awareness about the need for kitten fosters and the importance of spaying and neutering.

Amazing things happen when communities can come together.

Lend a helping hand

Kitten season is here. This time of year, thousands of orphaned kittens are born, and many will enter shelters at their most vulnerable.

Throwing kitten showers is just one unique, fun, and clever way to show support. Animal welfare organizations, including Best Friends, need help.

If you are interested in helping kittens in your community, explore supporting your local animal shelter and become a foster volunteer.

Visit their website to learn more about Best Friends and how you can help.

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