Meowing tiny orange kitten on a work desk

Tiny kitten loves to chat with her foster mom during Zoom calls

This premature kitten arrived at her foster home weak and tiny, but with a little extra love and care, she found her voice and wouldn’t stop chatting with her foster mom when she was at work. Small as a mouse The kitten, Venus, was a micro preemie, a kitten that is born prematurely and is … Read more

A tabby kitten sits on shoulder of woman

This sweet five-week-old stray kitten was discovered in the tire wheel of a parked car

While in the streets of Brooklyn, a woman discovered a five-week-old stray kitten in the tire wheel of a parked car. When Dana, a fosterer for Brooklyn Animal Action, went to get a trap to retrieve the cat safely, the kitten escaped from her hiding place and walked right up to her. After double-checking to … Read more

Children holding kittens at kitten shower event

Best Friends throws ‘kitten showers’ coast to coast to help get supplies for kitten season

Have you ever been to a baby shower? Baby showers are meant to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a brand-new bundle of joy. This is a joyous occasion. Now multiply that feeling by thousands. Yes, thousands. If you did not know before, now you know. This is known as a kitten shower. Kitten showers are … Read more