Cat becomes obsessed with mom’s potato cabinet and makes it his safe place

Nugget’s favorite place to take a nap isn’t under the bed, corner of the sofa, or his cat bed. It’s mom’s potato cabinet which he guards with his life.

The tuxedo cat learned about the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink when its door was accidentally left open one day.

Nugget’s mom Anshu was cooking when she realized she had left the door open. When she looked inside, she found Nugget sitting on the second shelf.

For the love of potatoes

And he looked pretty comfortable in a space he made for himself in the middle of a pile of potatoes. The potato cabinet soon became a regular hangout for Nugget. It was a space he felt safe in.

It was also filled with glorious potatoes he felt he had to protect at all costs. Nugget was abandoned on the streets by his previous owners before he was adopted into his current family.

So, he’s very attached to his current human mom. You could say he’s a momma’s boy. Nugget practically follows her everywhere. He snuggles up to his mom anytime she’s sitting still.

Pic credit: toothless.nugget/TikTok

“Nugget is the most loving cat ever,” his mom Anshu told The Dodo. It doesn’t matter if I am trying to work or watch TV, he needs to sit on my lap.”

The potato cabinet offers him a place to feel safe and secure when new people visit or when he feels anxious.

“I think he likes it so much because of the earthy smell and it being so peaceful,” Anshu said. “It’s dark inside, so he probably feels very cozy in there, where he can safely look on at the outside world.”

The Potato King

And the more potatoes in the cabinet, the better. Nugget will just sit inside the cabinet and purr away.

Pic credit: toothless.nugget/TikTok

“It’s just his default thing to do now,” Anshu said. “Every time I go into the kitchen, he is trailing behind me and standing beside the cabinet so that I can open it and let him inside.”

Nugget doesn’t want to eat the potatoes. In fact, he doesn’t have enough teeth to eat them. He just likes to protect them until mom comes for them.

Anshu calls Nugget the “Potato King” or “Potato Dad.” The potatoes are Nugget’s “babies,” which he takes good care of.

Thousands of people on the internet have fallen in love with Nugget and his potato antics. You can learn more about Nugget’s love affair with potatoes by following him on TikTok and Instagram @toothless.nugget.

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