Cat becomes princess for a day when her family throws her a quinceañera

Luna, the cat, was princess for a day when her family decided to throw her a quinceañera. Luna was turning 15, so her family thought it was only proper to mark the event spectacularly.

A quinceañera is a Hispanic tradition that commemorates a girl becoming a woman on her 15th birthday. You’ll typically see families celebrate with big parties where the teen gets to wear a big fancy dress, similar to a Sweet 16.

Angel Olavarria’s mom takes her fur babies very seriously. They are her children, even if their connection isn’t biological.

Luna becomes a woman

So, Olavarria should have known that her mom was serious when she said she was ordering a special dress so that they could have a quinceañera for Luna. Luna was taken in by the family when she was just 3-months-old.

The tiny kitten was found left on the side of the road. So, Angel’s family has made it a point to spoil her rotten. But throwing her a quinceañera is definitely next-level spoiling.

Luna is the family’s longest-living pet, so they figured they would throw their “little cheese ball” a big surprise party. Angel and her mom spent a week planning the party with all of Luna’s favorite things.

They bought her a poufy pink dress and a big gold crown to wear from Amazon. The decorations included a beautiful satin pink table cloth and lots of balloons.

Some were even customized with Luna’s name on them. The table was also outfitted with rhinestone cylinders filled with floating candles and flowers.

Olavarria’s family all attended the party and enjoyed a traditional Tres Leches cake from their favorite bakery, tacos, and lots of other delicious foods, with Luna at the head of the table.

Party queen

“[There were] around 12 people in attendance. Two other pets were present in the house, our dog Noodles, and other cat Leo. They were probably jealous,” Olavarria told Metro.

Unlike most quinceañeras which can get pretty pricey, this shindig only cost about $100 to put together. But the pictures prove it was worth every penny.

“Luna loved the party! Anywhere there is food and attention, she is there. We like to think she knew it was her birthday,” Olavarria said. “She went crazy when we popped open a can of tuna. We placed it behind the cake and that’s what she is actually eating in the pictures.”

Luna’s quinceañera photos ended up going viral. Olavarria’s mom said that makes Luna like “one of the Kardashians now that she is famous.”

While Olavarria isn’t too sure about that, she hopes that the photos will encourage others to celebrate their pets and create memorable moments with them.

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