Mom makes her cats a luxury mid-century style home from cardboard boxes

Nothing is too good for Gentry Sanders’ cats Floyd and Huckleberry. That’s why they sleep in their very own mid-century modern home. But their house is made out of cardboard.

Floyd and Huckleberry are a rambunctious pair who love playing with cardboard boxes. When their graphic designer mom gets a package, they will spend hours playing and taking a snooze in them.

Instead of buying her boys an expensive house from the store, she figured she would make one from cardboard boxes since they love them so much.

Make it fancy

Sanders decided to put her creative gifts to use to come up with a fancy layout for the kitty house. She went with a mid-century style. After her design received approval from Floyd and Huckleberry, she started building.

According to Sanders, she “can’t do anything in my house without them being involved in it.” So, it was only natural that they supervised the construction as well.

It took her the whole weekend to put the house together. She just had to be strategic about it.

“They loved the cutting of the cardboard because they got to lay on it and chew it. Surprisingly, they left me alone when I painted, but I purposefully planned that during their afternoon nap time,” Sanders told The Dodo.

All that was left to do was to present the completed house to its future owners. Thankfully, it was up to snuff for the kitty siblings.

“They immediately were all over it, and Floyd put his catnip banana inside and started chewing on it,” Sanders said. 

And their excitement over the house wasn’t just a one-off thing. They absolutely love their new fancy home and play in it all the time.

The new digs

“Since then, Huck sleeps in it all the time while I am working,” Sanders said. “Floyd either sleeps in it or works on tearing apart his catnip toys. I am honestly surprised how much they love it.”

The project was such a success that Sanders posted a tutorial for others who want to make their own house for their kitties.

“I am pretty happy with how it turned out and decided to name it the Mid Century Meow-nor,” Sanders wrote in her blog post.

Sanders said that her cats are pretty rough, but the cat house has amazingly held up pretty well.

“Floyd loves laying on top of the roof and Huckleberry prefers laying inside. Sometimes he enters through the small windows and I am amazed they haven’t all broken… also why is he doing that? Looking back I wish I had kept the floor in the bottom for extra support. I have added their cardboard cat scratcher inside and sprinkle catnip on it for extra goodness. Still really happy with how it turned out and that my cats love it,” Sanders wrote.

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