Cat masseuse loves to give dad back rubs after a long day

Our cats bring us immense joy and love. But wouldn’t it be nice to get a massage once in a while?

That might not be too far off if your cat gets lessons from a Siberian cat named Pulgozo. Pulgozo loves giving back rubs.

Especially to his daddy. Pulgozo always makes sure to work out all the kinks in his back after dad spends a long day at work.

Healing paws

Gigi Lopez posted a video on TikTok of her cat Pulgozo giving her husband a rub down.

The Siberian is shown standing over his dad and kneading his back. He’s basically making biscuits on dad’s back.

Yet, it looks like every move he makes is intentional and skilled. Apparently, Pulgozo has several years of experience as a masseuse.

“He has always been in love with giving ‘massages,'” Lopez told The Dodo.

According to the video, Pulgozo seems like he’s doing a pretty good job judging by the look on his dad’s face.

The video shows the Siberian working diligently to soothe his dad for several seconds in the video.

Taking appointments

“For booking call 1800miau,” the video’s caption reads.

Lopez’s video went viral and was viewed over 6.7 million times and liked more than 1.2 million times. The puns in the comment section were pure gold.

“Is that a licensed meowseusse? Very professional,” wrote one commenter.

Many inquired about how they could employ Pulgozo’s services.

“I’d like to book for Friday morning at the Meow Meow spa,” a commenter wrote.

“The concentration on that kitty’s face is priceless,” wrote another.

Pic credit: @gilmatx/TikTok

Lopez told The Dodo that she rescued Pulgozo when he was just a kitten. He’s been super affectionate ever since.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, cats knead for four reasons. They knead while nursing, to convey comfort, to create a cozy spot to sleep, or to mark their territory.

Pulgozo definitely wasn’t nursing. So, we can rule that out. He didn’t seem ready for a nap while massaging dad either. So, we can rule that out too.

Pulgozo may have been kneading his dad’s back to convey comfort or show his love for daddy. Otherwise, he was marking his dad as his own territory.

Cats have scent glands in their paws. So, scratching and kneading will leave a scent and allow the cat to mark its territory. Either way, dad wasn’t complaining, and neither were any of the fans on Instagram who want to hire Pulgozo for a session!

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