Rescued kitten so relieved to be safe he falls asleep in cyclist’s backpack

A tiny kitten avoided the dangers of a busy intersection thanks to a stranger who spotted a tiny ball of fur on the side of the road. The kitten was so relieved to be safe that it fell asleep inside the cyclist’s backpack after being rescued.

Matea had to do a double take when she spotted the stray. It didn’t even look like a cat until she got up close.

There were several people walking right by the tiny stray. But Matea was the only one that pulled over on her bike to help.

The backpack bed

She didn’t hesitate to whisk it away to safety when she realized it was a kitten and not just a ball of fuzz. The little baby didn’t struggle and let Matea pick him right up.

Matea gently placed the kitten in her backpack and made him a cozy spot to rest on some clothing while they cycled to their destination.

The tabby kitten, who Matea named Gizmo, was so happy to feel safe and secure in the arms of someone who cared that he fell right asleep.

Still, Gizmo wasn’t looking so great. So, Matea and her boyfriend drove the kitty to the vet to be examined.

He was treated for dehydration, worms, and fleas. But pretty soon, Gizmo was feeling better again.

“He is such an Energizer Bunny — hopping around, nipping at your ankles, playing with the many toys he’s got,” Matea told The Dodo. “Occasionally, he will jump on my back, as if he remembers that backpack ride on the day I found him!”

Not only did Gizmo find someone to protect him from the dangers of being left on the side of the road in the wild, but he also found a forever home.

Forever with mom

Settling into a life with his new mom couldn’t have been easier for Gizmo. They quickly started their new routines together.

“He loves snuggling up to me when I wake up in the morning and when I get back from work,” Matea said. “We start every morning with him taking a nap in my lap for half an hour while I drink my morning coffee.”

The act of stopping to check on another being that might have needed her help completely changed Matea’s life for the better.

“I just want my story to maybe entice someone else to keep an eye out for the most vulnerable animals and help in any way they can,” Matea said.

Gizmo also has a big sister named Sara. You can check out their adventures on Instagram @the_tale_of_sara_and_gizmo

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