Cat ‘politely’ asking mom to turn on iPad cat game is hilarious

The stakes were high, and Ladybug was deep into a game of Mouse for Cats on mom’s iPad. All of a sudden, her game flickered off the screen. The only way to get it back on and resume playing was to ask mom nicely to fix it.

After all, you catch more bees with honey, right? At least Ladybug the cat thinks so. That’s why all her mom’s TikTok fans thought her plea was so hilarious.

Ladybug’s mom Maaike Scherff, who goes by @yesmaaike on TikTok, started filming right after Ladybug accidentally turned off her favorite game. Mouse for Cats is a game for cats that’s available as an app.

Ladybug the gamer

The 2D graphics show mice that scurry across the screen for your cat to swat at and “catch.” It has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating in the Apple App store and kind of makes you want to buy a brand new iPad just for your cat.

Ladybug looked visibly distraught after she accidentally shut off her game and she turned to her mom for answers.

She stood up on her hind legs and gently batted her front paws up and down. Apparently, this is Ladybuy’s gesture for, “Mommy, can you please turn the game back on?”


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♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music
Ladybug was jonesing to get back to her game of Mouse for Cats, and Scherff can be heard saying off camera:

“Do you want me to turn it back on? Where’d the game go?”

Ladybug then circles near the iPad and hops up onto the couch next to her mom. That’s when she busts out into another “Mommy, can you please turn the game back on?” move.

Mom, apparently, didn’t understand her the first time. That’s why Ladybug made sure to shake her paws up and down a little bit longer this time around. Thankfully, mom got the memo.

Back to business

Scherff says in the video’s caption:

“She accidentally turned off her game and politely asked me to turn it back on,”

The message had been received, and Scherff went about turning the game back on for Ladybug since she asked so nicely.

Ladybug jumped right into her game without missing a beat, you could hear the game chirp just before the video ends, signaling that Ladybug made a catch.

According to her mom’s TikTok page, Ladybug might soon need intervention over her gaming habit, as she tries to play Mouse for Cat on her mom’s phone every day!

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