Cat falls in love with UPS driver and gives us all the feels

Kodachrome is just your typical office cat. Actually, according to his TikTok page, he fancies himself as the CEO. But his favorite person in the office isn’t one of his “employees.” It’s the UPS driver.

When the two of them met one fateful day in the office, it was love at first sight. Ever since then it’s been a whirlwind love affair filled with treats and matching outfits.

Kodachrome was so excited about his newfound relationship with the UPS delivery man that he made a video about it and shared it on TikTok.That video ended up going viral with more than 65,000 likes.

For the love of treats

As soon as the UPS driver sees Kodachrome, he’s immediately smothered with affection and lots of pets and scritches. The UPS delivery driver also bestows Kodachrome with lavish gifts.

He brings his cat friend treats every single day and even bought his little four-legged buddy a teeny tiny UPS hat so that they could match. As Kodachrome puts it: “He lives for me.”

This feline CEO can’t wait to see the UPS driver every day, rumor has it that he now sends his personal PetSmart deliveries to the office just so he can see his true love more often.

Kodachrome’s TikTok video states:

“Me just having an average day as an office cat when the UPS guy walks in to deliver a package.

It’s love at first sight and he starts bringing me treats every day. I look forward to seeing him every day now,”

A man holds a tabby cat wearing a UPS cap.

A Man in a uniform

Kodachrome is not shy about his feelings for his newfound love. Which he shares in the TikTok video of the two of them interacting in their matching outfits with the song “Just the Two of Us” by Bill Withers playing in the background. He gushes in the video with lovey eyes and heart emojis.

“I love a man in a uniform,”

Kodachrome’s fans were absolutely head over heels for his new relationship and his new outfits!

Some of Kodachrome’s fans said they were in tears over the adorableness that was before them. And who can blame them?! He sure is a handsome cat, excuse us, a handsome CEO!

And it seems as if this newfound friendship has made both him and the UPS driver a lot happier!

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