Cat rescued from the ruins of a bombed building in Ukraine

In a city torn by war, Ukrainian animal lovers performed a little miracle. A cat was rescued from the ruins of a destroyed building in the suburbs of Kyiv.

Watch the accompanying video to see how it went. Warm fuzzy feeling guaranteed.

Cat stuck on the seventh floor of a building

The amazing rescue took place in the small town of Borodyanka, located northwest of the capital. The area was occupied by armed forces for several weeks before they withdrew from the region.

One particular building had been struck by several rockets and ravaged by fire. Like most blocks in the area, it was barely standing. Yet on the seventh floor of the construction, bystanders discovered a lonesome cat.

Somehow, the animal had found refuge on a small ledge. Although safe and sound, the poor kitten was stuck in the burnt tower with no way to escape.

According to The Sun, the cat had been stranded in the building for almost two months. Whenever he heard people nearby, the poor animal would cry out for help.

In the light of this dreary situation, animal rights activists launched a social network campaign to save the feline. Following a strong mobilization, people eventually volunteered to rescue the cat.

Saved by the firefighters’ crane

A remarkable rescue operation was set up under the leadership of local Eugene Kibets. Since they had no direct access to the seventh floor, the team had to find a solution.

Kibets, known for saving animals in distress, had the idea of using a fire department’s large ladder to reach her. One brave member of the team climbed up and managed to grab the cat. He then tucked the animal inside his vest and returned to the ground.

After an unbearable wait amidst the debris, the distressed cat was finally able to get the attention she needed. A local veterinary clinic provided her with all the necessary care.

They even gave her a new name: Ginger. In local folklore they associate this spice with luck, and lucky Ginger surely is to have survived this whole ordeal.

Everybody loves a happy ending

Ukrainian emergency services posted heartwarming images of her rescue on the Internet.  To put it mildly, the images got an emotional response.

Many people expressed relief over the positive outcome of this story. Furthermore, Eugene Kibets was rightfully dubbed a hero.

The incredible rescue also caught the eye of Ukrainian officials.  A presidential adviser chimed in the discussion to congratulate the rescuers.

In the middle of a war, kind gestures (and cats!) will always restore some faith in humanity.

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