Team rescues cats from rubble after devastating fire

Woman told cats perished in a house fire, later finds them alive in the rubble

Watching your life crumble before your eyes is a painful experience. After witnessing her house burn down, a poor woman also lost her animal companions as a direct consequence of the catastrophe. This woman wanted to check for her two cats, but firemen had told her they had perished due to the tragedy.  Miraculously, the … Read more

Locals help carry out cats rescue from dark garage

Cats are rescued from a dark garage after a year in captivity

The quick reactions of concerned citizens led to the successful rescue of cats and birds imprisoned in a cage in a garage in Pordenone, Italy. Authorities found the animals confined to teeny-tiny cages and housed in the gloomy and unwelcoming atmosphere of the garage. It’s believed the animals spent almost a year in this space. … Read more

Room full of ginger cats, litterboxes, and cat trees.

Clinic sets up room for 20 ginger cats rescued from a hoarding situation

Welcome to the ginger cats room! This cat clinic set aside a large room for these 20 cats that came from a hoarding house, and most of these are gingers. Any volunteer who sets foot in the room will see nothing but orange! A room full of ginger cats It’s a little out of the … Read more

Tiktok helps woman fund her foster kitten dental surgery

Tiktoker raises money for rescue kitten’s dental surgery after pleading video went viral

On October 8th, a wildlife conservator named Natalie posted a video on TikTok, asking for support. Natalia had just rescued a black kitten who needed expensive treatment she couldn’t afford. Days after her plea, Natalie was elated to receive many donations from people empathetic to her struggle. Social loves to laugh and marvel at little … Read more

Two lebanese kittens are searching for a home in France

A charity is helping two rescue kittens from Lebanon find an owner in France

Two adorable kitties rescued by an animal rights association in Lebanon are now looking for a lifelong home in which they will be cherished. Cookie and Tom are a cute pair who desire this more than anything in the world. The story of Cookie and Tom begins in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon’s bustling capital. … Read more

Kittens rescued from streets are siblings

Two kittens rescued on different days by the same teenager turned out to be siblings

Barney and Robin, two siblings, were separately saved from the streets by the same girl. The kitties weighed less than 300 grams when this volunteer found them. In much better shape, the cats are now up for joint adoption. 17-year-old Aida Artusa discovered the felines separately by chance in her neighborhood. The four-month-old kittens were … Read more

A municipality outsources cat emergency to nonprofit associations

City council encharges nonprofit organizations to provide emergency care for cats in Bari

The City of Bari is in a pickle when handling rescue cats brought to emergency services.  While the city searches for a new approach to handle the situation, the council has contracted two nonprofits to provide “Cat First Aid.” The Bari First Aid program is a secure program for abandoned felines. For the next two … Read more

Rescue kitten helps lone baby possum

Rescue kitten returns home with a baby possum on her back

It’s’ common knowledge that kittens love to bring back objects gathered during their expeditions. But a house cat returned home with another animal on her back. Having been rescued by her mistress, Blanquis wanted to extend generosity to someone else. Ms. Yessica Rodriguez resides in Altamira, Mexico. While walking along the road, she spotted a … Read more

Retiree spend his time helping cat in trees

Retired Colonel now devotes his time to saving cats stuck in trees

After years of service in the US military, a retired colonel has decided to redirect his efforts toward saving animals, especially cats. If your cat becomes stuck in a tree in Asheville, North Carolina, you may rely on a volunteer with invaluable experience. The man is Spence Cocanour, and he used to serve in the … Read more