Cat survives attack by dog through apartment window

This cat faced an attack by a dog through the window of her apartment. Thankfully, her owner and his roommate were there and saved the cat just in time.

Attack through the window

The cat’s owner posted the harrowing story on Reddit a few days ago. According to him, he had recently moved into an apartment with his cat.

One day he woke up to the sounds of a dog trying to squeeze through the apartment window, which was propped open a few inches. The dog forced it open and bit onto the cat, Muffin, who had been lounging nearby.

Muffin’s owner was horrified, and he rushed forward to save his cat from the dog’s jaws. He managed to pry open the dog’s jaws enough for the cat to escape, but the dog broke free and grabbed onto the cat again.

Roommate to the rescue

The cat owner’s roommate came to the door because she heard the commotion, but the door was locked. Making what he called the “hardest decision of [his] life,” the cat’s owner let go of the dog to run to the door and let his roommate in.

His roommate, a woman in her late 50s, came in, quickly figured out the situation, and jumped to the cat’s aid. Muffin’s owner held the dog while his roommate pried open its jaws.

At last, Muffin was free, and the roommate quickly took her to another room and shut the door. The cat’s owner stayed behind, pushing the dog until he managed to get him back out the window.

Surviving the attack

After Muffin was out of immediate danger, they rushed her to the vet. Her owner was so worried about her. He said:

“Muffin is my absolute number one. She is there with me all day every day, and I love her more than is possible for a person to love a pet.”

Her owner was in suspense until he got a call from the vet, saying that Muffin would be okay.

She certainly wasn’t unscathed, with puncture wounds and some missing claws and a tooth. But she was safe and happy as she could be.

Her owner said that just two hours after getting home, she was rubbing up against things and being affectionate like normal.

Sedated calico cat with shaved fur after vet visit
Muffin, back from the vet, taking it easy and healing. Pic credit: u/TheBustyFriend/Reddit

No bad dogs

The Muffin’s owner said that the owner of the dog would be kicked out of the apartment building and would have to deal with some things in court.

The dog was not going to be put down, which was a relief to the cat’s owner. He said he didn’t want the dog to be put down because he didn’t really blame it.

The dog could have hurt the cat a lot more if it wanted to, so it was likely that the dog had just been playing and hadn’t been properly trained to not treat cats like toys. He said:

“Animals aren’t capable of making evil decisions out of malice, and that’s why we love them….There are no bad dogs, only bad owners!”

Everyone is okay

After such a traumatic incident, Muffin’s owner is so relieved that everyone is fine. He said:

“Scariest thing that’s ever happened to me….So glad that Muffin, myself, and my roommate are all okay!”

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