Cat owner gets help from the internet to find his cat’s favorite toy

Do your cats have a favorite toy, one that they are so attached to? This cat had a very particular toy that she loved. As the toy grew old and worn-out, the cat’s owner turned to the internet to get help finding a replacement.

Cat’s favorite toy

This cat owner came to the Reddit r/cats community to find out more about his cat’s favorite toy. He asked if anybody recognized it or knew where to find another one, since this one was getting old and his cat was so attached to it.

According to the owner, this toy is very special to the cat, and she has had it for a long time. He said:

“She has had it since her birth and gets very anxious when she doesn’t have it.”


So what is the kitty supposed to do when the toy gets so old and worn out that she can’t use it anymore? The owner would have to find the answer soon.

According to him, the cat had finally destroyed the toy from using it so much. The cat was upset that her favorite toy was gone and was “going crazy without it.”

Cat drinking out of water bowl with toy mouse nearby
This cat took her favorite toy everywhere with her. Pic credit: u/horvathien/Reddit

Her owner decided to find a replacement that would cheer the kitty up. But this was easier said than done. Apparently, the toy was very difficult to find.

The cat had very specific tastes. Even similar toys wouldn’t cut it. Her owner said:

“It’s just a regular rattle, but she can tell the difference between this toy and any other.”

The owner tried multiple pet stores and general stores, including Petsmart, Walmart, PetValu, and even his local dollar stores. But he had no luck. What if the toy was impossible to find?

Help from the internet

But this cat owner had one more tool that he could use: the internet. He posted about his search on the Reddit cat community, r/cats, hoping that someone could help him out.

Some very helpful people responded. Many of them suggested other stores to try. One person pointed the cat owner to a specific product on Amazon. It looked like a match!

Someone also suggested that the owner take the old stuffing from the original toy and put it in the new one. Cats rely a lot on sense of smell, so this could help make the new toy even more familiar to the cat.

After turning to the internet and getting some helpful advice, this cat owner was able to find the exact toy the cat needed. We hope the cat is happy with her new toy!

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